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Chapter 1 - the info crisis

this is basically a story i made up on my own. some of the charecters are my little sisters that she wanted me to include. i hope you like it peoples.

Chapter 1 - the info crisis

Chapter 1 - the info crisis

It all started thirty million years ago with ratio voltaers. He was supposed to be gods perfect human. He was before Adam and eves time. He was the original. The original human. He lived on earth by himself and grew up on gods knowledge. After some time he soon believed he was god and started creating humans of his own in secrecy. His humans though were dark and gloomy and gray. They also had a heavy bloodlust need. he called his humans vampires. Soon god found out about what ratio was doing and banished him to another world in another dimension. Ratio made many of his vampires in this new world. He called his new world the darker world. The world was spilt up into seven giant cities. There names were and still to this day are darker town, seven cats, cales bridge, pale moon, thrice thee, bloodlust, and gestor ratio. Darker town was and still is the main town. For as long as history knows vampires had known about gods creation of humans. About twenty million years later two vampires, a brother and a sister ,had built a machine called warpzexin. This device allowed them to get to the human world. Once there they learned all about humans. In the human time period the came to the human world around the time of 9, 11. They learned about the religion Christianity. The learned about the human history and about there people and the way they lived, ate, and did things. But out of all of those discoveries the found a path that was sealed off to them and to any other being in the world or in any other world. The found a path to a place they named the lighter world. They saw that no one could get into such a pure place but the people of that world could get to the darker or the human world. The two vampires made a map of the worlds. There is the darker world on one side of the solar system but the darker world is far away from the human world. Then there’s the human world in the middle then there’s the lighter world which was said to be pure magic and wisdom. And in between the lighter and darker world but not even close to the earth there were dimensions of magic that contained dragons, elves, witches, and all other magical creatures. When it was time for the brother and sister to go back to the darker world they took there new human friends with them. When humans arrived at the darker world they mixed with the vampires creating half vampire people. The two races mixed so much that now only few families still have pure vampire blood. The rest of them had hardly any vampire at all. Now because they mixed they were imperfect vampires so there master ratio now called them darkers. All darker women and girls wore black dresses. All boys and men wore gray suits. All darker men , women , and children had and still to this day black hair and black eyes. What happened to ratio and the darkers you say well a million years go by and the lighter and darker world have not changed at all. But the human world had changed greatly. In fact all humans thought that there world would be full of robots and science but it turns out that the land was pullulated so much that a darker wizard put a growth spell on it and the world went back to its lush green self and its rocky mountains and deep oceans , lakes ,and rivers. the deserts returned and the humans found a way to adapt. They built knew villages and towns and every thing. Darkers soon wanted live there more and more. But they never found out how the brother and sister got to the human world, it still is a mystery. Traver closed his history text book. He finished his home work and looked outside. The sky was gray. When it wasn’t gray it was black. He was one of the many people that wanted to go to the human world. He and his best friend spark had been living in the darker world since they were they kids. It was night time. Traver had bright blond hair and wore a black long sleeve shirt and a red short sleeved jacket. He also wore thick gray pants and a brown belt. His shoes were red with metal soles. He wore chains around his pant legs and arms. His best friend spark wore a purple jacket and a black shirt underneath it. He wore black pants too. He wore brown boots with metal soles. Sparks hair was a dark red and very spiky. Traver was 14 years old and spark was 15. They had been best friends since they were kids. Spark lost his mom when he was little and his father had diapered. Traver remembered spark having brothers but he mat them only once when he was 5 and he hadn’t seen them since. Every time Traver tried to talk about them or his mother spark quickly changed the subject. Travers life wasn’t much better. Traver’s parents were abusive and liked to see him in pain. No one cared except spark about his abusive parents because it was normal for parents to hit their children. Travers father was almost never home but his mother was always home. Traver grabbed his bag and stuffed his history books in it. He sat on his bed and pulled on his shoes. Then he picked up his bag and made his way down the window. His window was up stairs in his two story house. He climbed down the ladder he put up next to his window. He climbed down and made his way to his old shed. It was his shed because his dad and mom didn’t use it. He also kept his sword in the shed. He took out a heavy sliver key and unlocked the shed. Then he went in and took his sword out from behind some tree planting tools. Traver didn’t know why his mother kept them. All the flowers, plant, trees, and bushes or any other green thing in the ground was dead. He put his sword through a sword carrier on his back and made his way to the field of death. The darkers never went to the field of death. Not one even looked at it. The darkers called it the field of death because the trees, grass, and flowers were all alive. And it was the only place in the whole world that had sunlight. It was also home to the largest undead tree in the darker world. The tree stood 80 yards and was 197 inches thick. It had many large branches. The branches were easy to climb on and Traver had loved climbing it since he was 4. the field of death was also Traver and Sparks meeting place and secret hide out. Traver ran to the old tree in the field of death. He climbed up one branch and noticed there was some on there. He looked up and saw spark and his girl friend stealthier. Traver was a little upset because Spark had shown stealthier were they hang out every day. Because they had promised each other on their scares that wouldn’t tell any one the hang out there. He looked at his hand and saw the star shaped scare on his left hand. Spark had engraved it in his hand. Traver had done the same thing for spark. The five corners of the star meant A PROMISE IS A PROMISE. Traver quietly crept up on a branch four branches above them. They didn’t see or here him. “I know stealth, but when can you get the info?” Spark asked stealthier. She replied “in a few years if were lucky!” “I really want to get to earth soon. So does Traver. We’ve been working our tails off to get this info and we don’t have the patience to wait another three years or so!” Spark exclaimed. Traver knew that spark was talking about the human world and then he leaned over on the branch so far that he lost his footing and fell. Spark looked up and saw him drop right on top of him. Then they both fell. When they landed spark hit the ground first then Traver fell on top of his stomach. Spark groaned. He pushed Traver off and tried to stand up. Stealthier immediately jumped from the tree and went to help spark. Traver smiled guiltily and said “ uh hey spark how ya doing? Heh heh heh.” Stealthier gave Traver a dirty look. Spark stood up. Then he laughed. Traver looked at him clueless. Spark took out a dagger. “well for eaves dropping I’d say that its time for a punishment.” Spark said with a creepy smile. “Uh oh” Traver said. Then for the next 5 minutes spark chased Traver around the field with a dagger screaming “I HATE IT WHEN YOU EAVES DROP TRAVER ZOZ!!!!! YOU KNOW I HATE IT WHEN YOU ANNOY ME!!!!!! YOU LITTLE EAVES DROPPING PUNK OF A FRICKING JERK!!!!” Stealthier of course laughed the whole time. When spark finally calmed down stealthier had to go home. “good riddance! No one needs an old hag like you around here any way!” Traver yelled at her. “Yeah well who needs a stupid blond kid to ruin every thing any way you old crone!” she yelled back. “Do I look like an old lady to you?! This is all man baby! Man!” He yelled. Then a brick hit him in the gut. Stealthier had thrown it and hit him even though she was about three yards away. Traver fell over teary eyed on the ground. “Some man! And don’t call me baby!” she called. Spark chuckled lightly. “What are you laughing at?” Traver said annoyed. Spark smiled. “So about what stealth and I were talking about. How much did you hear?” spark asked looking at the ground. “ a little. You guys were talking about the human world weren’t you?” Traver asked. “ yeah. The thing is well I’m 15 now Trav. I know you want to go to the human world. I do too. But it seems we just can’t get there. It’s so far away and out of our reach that we couldn’t possibly grab it. Its-it’s just not in our reach. Every time I think we have the right info and stuff to get us there we always end up in a dead end. Life is catching up to us fast. Were almost to old to go to be thinking of childish dreams. Soon we’ll be dead. Life is too much for us. We’re just little fish in a big current that leads to an ocean to big for us. It’s just life’s going to take us any minute and we won’t be prepared.” Spark explained. “Life huh? Well life is a puppet for me to toy with until I get my life going.” Traver said. Then he gave a goofy grin. Spark smiled too. “So wanna practice?” spark asked. “heck yes!! I want to start stabbing and slashing! In the name of the oath of promise I shall kick your b-u-t-t! oh yeah!” Traver yelled waving his star scar around like a mad man. Spark brought his sword. Traver did the same.” So you mad at me?” spark asked striking Traver on the shoulder. Traver blocked it and said” why bring her here of all places?!” “ because it was the only place I could think of that no one would interrupt us. Guess I was wrong!” spark replied dodging Traver’s attack from behind. “you broke the oath spark!” Traver yelled rolling on the ground barley escaping sparks strike fury attack. “sorry! I know I broke the oath! It won’t hap- I mean well. I’m sorry. I got a letter from my brothers.” He said doing another strike fury attack. Traver deflected it with a block raid. “that’s great!” he exclaimed. Spark stopped. He looked a little sad at first then he smiled. “we better get going its pretty late.” Spark suddenly said.” Yeah.” Traver said a little less happy. He hated going back to the prison he called home.” Race ya!” spark said. “your on!” Traver shouted. Then the two boys raced home. When Traver took a turn on lotsera street he waved good bye to spark as the other teen turned the corner and waved too. Traver started to walk. Then all of a sudden some thing jumped out of the darkness of the shadows and onto Traver’s back. Traver yelled and ran around in circles screaming “get it off! Get it off!” Then he heard a sweet little noise like the purr of a kitten. No wait it was the purr of a kitten! Traver looked on his shoulder and saw his little kitten star curled up on his shoulder. He smiled. He got out his history book “the mystery of god and ratio” and started to read as he walked home. When he turned to his street he made the stupid mistake of walking in through the front door when he got to his house. His mother was sitting in a chair waiting for him. He put his book away. Star jumped down from his shoulder and ran upstairs to his room. His mother glared at him. She stood up and walked over to Traver. “You little brat! How dare run out of the house with out my permission.” She growled. Traver stared her down unflinching. His mother grabbed a metal rode and raised it over his head. Traver instantly pulled out his sword and held it to her throat. She dropped the rode. “Don’t move.” He said coldly. She gulped. He put his sword away and walked to the door. She was still paralyzed. Traver saw a letter with his name on it. He grabbed the letter. He turned back and said quietly “I’m not coming back ever again.” He then his cat star came out of nowhere and jumped on his shoulder. That was the last time his mother ever saw him but not the last time his father would see him. Traver stepped outside into the cool night. He opened up the envelope. It read :

Traver saw their was no time or date on the front. He flipped it over to the back side. it read 3:00 at pale ridge 4/7. then traver relized that the date was set for tomorrow. he started to think " how does this blaze guy know so much about me? how did he find out were i live? is this Blaze a man or a women? why does they want to give me of all people such important info?" all these questions started buzzing in traver's head like a million bees. he didn't know what to do. he had just practicaly left the house to live on his own. he didn't want spark to worry about him so he didn't want to bother spark about it. "meow"star siad on his shoulder. traver smiled at his cat and relized he had the rest of the night to think it over.


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SaruNinja on March 5, 2007, 6:21:33 AM

SaruNinja on
SaruNinjaVery cool so far. You should space out the paragraphs when writing your story or fanfic. Makes it easier to read. ^__^  Please continue.