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Chapter 2 - Meeting Blackbrawl

This is a story out of boredom^^

i'm currently obseesed with transformers so i made this story^^

Chapter 2 - Meeting Blackbrawl

Chapter 2 - Meeting Blackbrawl
I woke up at 6, and headed out, leaving a note to my folks. I waved to my neighbor, Jane, jumped on my bike, and rode off. I decided to name the creature Blackbrawl, since that sounded like a robot kind of name. I left the road and headed onto the path, leading to the cave. I screeched to a stop in front of the cave. Weird noises came from it. “Blackbrawl.” I thought, I hopped off my bike and slowly walked into the cave, being as quiet as I could be. The silence was creepy, but it all ended, as soon as I kicked a rock that I never saw. “Crap!” I thought, the noises stopped and Blackbrawl slowly stepped out from the shadows, with his gun, pointing it right at me. I wanted to run, but my legs didn’t want to. Blackbrawl stepped closer, “Who are you? Are you an Autobot?” he said. Surprised by his ability to talk, I shook my head. “N-N-No.” I stammered, shaking of fear. Blackbrawl slowly put his weapon down, and picked me up. “Are you a minicon?” he said examining me. I shook my head again. “Then what exactly are you?” Blackbrawl sneered. He put me down, but kept a close eye on me, thinking I was going to attack randomly. I took a deep breath, “I’m a human, unlike u, I’m a not a robot, I don’t run by the same things u run by.” I said trying to act friendly. Blackbrawl smiled a lil, and when I saw him do that, I knew we were going to be good friends.


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