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Chapter 4 - The attack

This is a story out of boredom^^

i'm currently obseesed with transformers so i made this story^^

Chapter 4 - The attack

Chapter 4 - The attack
Cybertron, that’s must have been where Starscream lived before something bad happened. The necklace shined in the light of the sunrise. I loved the necklace for some reason, not like a “my boyfriend gave it to me,” love it or a “it matches my eyes” love it, just a love it. Starscream was now one of my best friends, even though we only met today, but I know we both know that we have that weird friendship, you know, like when you meet a person for the first time, but you want or are hoping to see them again. I could tell we both had that spirit going. I wanted to see him again, and I know he did too, I respected him like nobody has ever did. I skidded to a stop in front of my school, hopped of my bike and left it near the stands, my usual spot. Jen, one of my friends that I share every single class with, was waiting out side, for me. “Hi Caroline!” she said in her perky, happy self. She hopped over to me and smiled. I sighed and looked at her. “Jen, did you take your pills today?” I said with a evil smile, knowing her answer would be stupid. “What pills?” she questioned. We had an awkward laugh moment and we headed off to class. Social studies, reading, world language, science, language arts, have went by too fast. The last class of the day, was math, the horror subject to me. Mr. Nelson had yet another trick up his sleeve, he pretended to stick a pencil up his nose, which made everyone have a laugh before the bell rang to end that day. My head always hurts after math, ratios and fractions made me want to scream. Thank god the bell rang. Jen and I decided to stay after to clean the class up after all 15 boys messed it up. Jen looked at the time and growled. “Have to go, mom will blow if I don’t git home!” Jen said leaving. I waved and watched her leave the class. The silenced was annoying, nobody to talk to you, you have to start your own conversation, so I did. “I wish starscream was here.” I thought as I put the books back in order. Then I decided to break the silence. “I wish he was here.” I said out loud. The necklace glew right after I said that. I thought it was light, but was I wrong. The glass shattered and knocked desks over and made books fly off, I looked up as starscream flew in. “Hey.” he said. I waved then fixed the desks right side up. Starscream looked worried, “Caroline, you called every decepticon.” He said nervously. I looked at him, “What?” I said. Starscream sighed, “You said I wish he was here, not I wish starscream was here. All decepticons are males, you could of called anyone.” he said shifting uncomfortably. Just then, I felt something cold go down my back, then it went warm. Starscream slowly lifted his gun and pointed it at me. I shivered as the cold disappeared and the warmth grew, I felt pain in my back as I felt something sharp hit it. All I heard was the small drips of blood hitting the floor. Starscream quickly fired his weapon. I scream in pain and in fright as I ran to the door. I turned around and saw starscream, holding back a grey robot with red eyes. The robot was about a foot taller than starscream and had a black weapon on his arm, which he used to fired at my leg. Tears streamed down my face as I saw starscream struggle in the grey robots grip. Megatron, that had to be him. He had starscream pummeled to the ground, but starscream got up quickly. He looked back at me, “Run!” he warned me. I ran out as fast as my shot leg could take me. I managed to get out and I scrambled to the woods, I cried harder as I thought of starscream. My leg gave in as I fell to the ground sobbing. I lost my train of thought and I blacked out. I wanted to stay awake, because I saw something big, watching me as I fell.


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XDarkTinkerbellX on September 30, 2007, 12:16:55 AM

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XDarkTinkerbellXI love it XD

firehead on September 29, 2007, 10:32:22 PM

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