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Chapter 1 - A Temporary Truce

This is my first story! just to tell u, this story has a LOT of drama. ok, this is a Christmas story thats... not very Christmasy... please comment, but don't flame ^^

Chapter 1 - A Temporary Truce

Chapter 1 - A Temporary Truce
It was Christmas week. The bandicoots were getting ready for the holidays. They put up declarations, hung stockings, and lots of other stuff. Crash even snuck a mistletoe onto the doorway. There was a knock (Jingle Bell tuned) at the door. Who could possibly be knocking at our door at this time of year? Asked Coco. Ah well. Crunch, can you answer that? Crunch obeyed Cocos orders an answered the door. It was Dr. Cortex and his posse.

Merry Christmas, disgusting bandicoots, Greeted Cortex.

Dr. Cortex? Whatre you doin here, asked Crunch, full of suspicion.

My posse and I wanted to make a temporary truce with you guys. Only for the holidays, though, explained Cortex.

Crunch looked at Coco. Coco looked at Aku-Aku. Aku-Aku looked at Crash, who started jumping around the place, presumably meaning yes. I& guess you guys can stay here for the holidays. As long as its not a scam, explained Crunch.

Oh, dont worry. If it were a scam, I would of shot you by now.

Hes got a point, Coco explained.

Alright, come on in; its freezing outside. Crunch let them in.

Whats Little Ms. Gothic doing here? Coco asked after she noticed that Nina was with the rest of the group.

What did you just call me? Nina asked, furiously.

You heard me, replied Coco. The two rivals dived into a fight, but Cortex stopped them.

If you two are going to fight, take it outside. I mean, really. You dont see me and Crash fighting, now, do you, asked Cortex. Crash walked over and started to annoy Cortex with his weird language or whatever you wanna call it. Get away from me, you disgusting freak of nature. Crash continued to annoy him. I mean it! Alright, thats it! Cortex started to chase Crash around the house. By then, Coco and Nina had gone outside to continue their fight.

It was a pretty gruesome fight. The two rivals used their claws, kicked, and punched; they even bit each other! About a half-hour past, and Coco and Nina were pretty close to knocking each other out. Then Coco jump-kicked into Nina hard enough to throw her against the house, knocking her out. Unfortunately for Coco, Ninas bionic hand had pushed and threw her against a rock about a millisecond later. The two were knocked out, cold.


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