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Chapter 2 - An Ice Cold Tragedy

This is my first story! just to tell u, this story has a LOT of drama. ok, this is a Christmas story thats... not very Christmasy... please comment, but don't flame ^^

Chapter 2 - An Ice Cold Tragedy

Chapter 2 - An Ice Cold Tragedy
Three hours past, and Nina finally woke up. She got up out of the snow and tried to open the door. It wouldnt open; like it was locked. Nina went over to Coco and kicked her foot. Blondie, wake up, ordered Nina. Coco woke up. You have an extra key? The doors locked.

Impossible. Why would they lock the door if they knew we were out here? Coco asked.

Beats me. My uncles minions do it all the time, said Nina. I dunno about you, but Im getting weird a feeling that something happened.

Then go check it out. You have the bionic hands, not me. Nina grappled onto the roof and found a huge hole in it. Nina climbed in and saw that the whole house was frozen. The N. team was frozen, the bandicoots were frozen, the declarations were frozen, even the fire was frozen! Nina gasped.

Blondie, you gotta come see this, shouted Nina. She looked over at the door; it was frozen. So thats why it wouldnt open, Nina said to herself. She kicked down the door for Coco to get in.

Coco came inside and gasped. Who would do such a thing? Coco asked in shock. She walked over to an ice statue, which was really her beloved brother, Crash. Crash& Coco said, depressed. Nina did the same thing.

Uncle Neo& Nina whispered sadly. She wished she could just kill the person who did this. She walked over to the door.

Wait! Where you going?? Asked Coco.

Im going to find the person who did this, answered Nina.

Im coming with you.


Because I wanna get revenge on the person who did this too.

Nina sighed. Fine. But you have to keep up with me. If you fall behind, Im not looking for you.


The two started a perilous journey through the woods. The two rivals knew they would have to work together to save their teams and families, even though they didnt like it. On the way, Nina was giving Coco numerous orders. Coco was getting sick of it, but she knew she had to keep on Ninas trail to save her family.


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