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Chapter 4 - Info On The Ice Witch

This is my first story! just to tell u, this story has a LOT of drama. ok, this is a Christmas story thats... not very Christmasy... please comment, but don't flame ^^

Chapter 4 - Info On The Ice Witch

Chapter 4 - Info On The Ice Witch
The two made it through part of the forest. Nina still gave out orders to Coco, but not as many; she even helped with some. Anyways, they asked a couple more people about who this ice infant was. They finally came across a weasel who had some answers.

Excuse me, can you help us? Coco asked.

Sure. Whats up? replied the weasel.

Were looking for a person who freezes people, homes, and, somehow has the ability to freeze fire, explained Nina.

Oh yeah, her. Yeah, I know her. Well, I dont know her know her, but Ive heard of her. She likes to call herself the Ice Queen, but I say shes more of an ice witch.

Why do you call her that? Asked Coco.

Cause she is a witch. She goes around freezing homes and land, making it her ice kingdom. Shes even trying to freeze the world! And shes freezing everybody she knows that could get in her way, explained the weasel.

That answers a lot of questions. Do you know where she lives? asked Nina.

The weasel pointed to a faraway building that had the form of a restaurant. Thats her castle. She calls it her White Castle. 

&I think Ive been there before, Nina said awkwardly.

Dont let its appearance fool you! Its a real deathtrap! It only takes the shape of a restaurant so the Ice Witch can lure people into coming in so she can freeze them!

Well, at least we know where she is and who she is now, alleged Coco.

But its still a long way, Nina acknowledged.

I wouldnt go there. Everyone who went there never came back, Advised the weasel.

What happened to them? Coco asked curiously.

Froze them. Its quite obvious, the weasel began. Thats why everyone I know calls her a witch. Families around the world have lost their loved ones because of her, and would do anything for revenge.

Thats like our problem, Nina brought up. Come on, Blondie, we gotta go!

Thanks for your heeeelp!! Coco thanked as she was yanked away by Nina. The two rushed toward the white castle.


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