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Chapter 6 - Out of the Forest, and Into The Ice

This is my first story! just to tell u, this story has a LOT of drama. ok, this is a Christmas story thats... not very Christmasy... please comment, but don't flame ^^

Chapter 6 - Out of the Forest, and Into The Ice

Chapter 6 - Out of the Forest, and Into The Ice
The dynamic duo, err, Coco and Nina finally got out of the forest, and into the open landscape. The whole place was covered in ice and snow. Coco told Nina that there was a nearby lake, which is always frozen in the wintertime. She told her that crossing the lake would make the trip quicker, but it would be dangerous.

Coco remembered an event from her childhood that took place at the same exact lake: her and her brother were ice-skating on the lake. The two were unaware that the ice was so thin. Coco fell through the ice, and her big brother, Crash, had to save her. Coco never went to lake in winter again. And now Coco was worried that that event would soon happen again. Nina tried to calm her down, knowing she might go nuts about this.

Nina looked ahead. Well, I think were here. Coco looked at it with fear. It was exactly how she remembered it. Flashbacks of that event filled her mind. Nina calmed her, then told her that they should get started.

The two started to cross the lake. Coco took any precautions she could, tip-toeing her towards the end of the lake. Nina, however, didnt think straight. She thought that since the Ice Witch was freezing everything, the ice would be thicker.

Careful, Nina. You can fall through this easily, Coco warned.

Dont worry, Ill be fine-! Nina replied, before falling through the ice so suddenly.

Nina? Nina! Coco tiptoed quickly over to the hole where Nina was standing. Oh my god, its de-javu all over again! Coco started examining the hole, and Nina was nowhere to be found. Of course, the water was really dark. Then Coco heard the ice break. Nina popped out of another hole she made, struggling and gasping for breath. Coco helped her out of the freezing cold water. The ice cracked. Nina and Coco ran to the end of the lake, with each passing step, the ice broke into even smaller pieces. The two jumped to the snow-filled shore, and, out of breath, just laid there for a while.

Are you ok? Asked Coco, breathing heavily.

Yeah& you? replied Nina, even more out of breath than Coco.

Yeah, replied Coco. The two laid there for a while, then moved on.


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