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Chapter 9 - Finally Defeated

This is my first story! just to tell u, this story has a LOT of drama. ok, this is a Christmas story thats... not very Christmasy... please comment, but don't flame ^^

Chapter 9 - Finally Defeated

Chapter 9 - Finally Defeated
Coco and Nina reached the throne room. They took a look around. There were people that the Ice Witch had frozen everywhere! Coco and Ninas studying the place was broken by the Ice Witchs voice.

So you little insects actually made it through my security? Hmm& I misjudged you two. No worries, though. I can still squash you like the bugs you two really are, alleged the Ice witch.

How do you know who we are? asked Nina.

The Ice Witch chuckled. Little fool. I know everything about your pathetic families and teams.

Then, why didnt you freeze us when you had the chance? Coco asked.

Enough talk, insect! Prepare to meet your cold, icy doom! The Ice Witch started attacking them, and Nina and Coco fought back.

10 minutes past, and the Ice Witch found out most of her attacks were defecting to Nina and Coco. She then shot a power shot at Coco. Fortunately, Nina grappled Coco, pushing her out of the way. Then the ice witch shot a power shot towards Nina. Thinking quickly, but not very straight, Coco got up from the ground and jumped in front of the shot. The blast from the shot caused Coco to fly back, unconscious.

COCO! Shouted Nina. Nina turned baked to the Ice Witch. She growled at her. You& WITCH!! The anger inside of her exploded in fury. Nina started punching the Ice Witch like there was no tomorrow. Nina finally pushed the ice witch through an opening that led to the ice dragons (the one from chap. 5) keep. Nina heard the snarling of the dragon and the blood-curdling scream from the Ice Witch. Nina tried not to pay attention to this, and ran over to Coco.

Oh my god. Blondie! Blondie, wake up! Coco? Come on, Coco, you cant die on me! Weve been through so much! Come on, Coco, you cant die! Nina pleaded.

Youre finally calling me by my real name, alleged Coco softly, as she woke up.

Youre alive!! cheered Nina with joy. I knew you couldnt die!

Then what was with the long speech? asked Coco.

What if I was wrong and you did die?

Never mind, chuckled Coco. You know, I couldnt help but notice that there was a warp pad over there in the corner.

Well, were wasting a whole lot of family time sitting here, talking our heads off. Lets go, advised Nina. That said, the two went over to the warp pad and warped themselves back to the beginning of the forest.


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