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Chapter 10 - The Return Home

This is my first story! just to tell u, this story has a LOT of drama. ok, this is a Christmas story thats... not very Christmasy... please comment, but don't flame ^^

Chapter 10 - The Return Home

Chapter 10 - The Return Home
The ice in the Bandicoot home crackled. The ice on top of the fire quickly melted. Crack! The ice broke off of everything and disappeared, and everyone fell down from unsteadiness. The fire quickly warmed the house. Everybody got up and observed the place, making sure there were no more surprises waiting to happen.

Coco and Nina made their way back to the house. Nina told Coco that they would never hear about the ice witch again, for the ice-breathing dragon had eaten her.

Coco opened the door and stepped inside. CRASH!!!!! Coco shouted with joy. She ran over to her family and started a group hug. The N. Team sort of awed. It sort of was an adorable sight.

Thats a cute sight and all, Cortex started. But wheres- Cortex stopped and turned around. His niece was standing right by the door.

Nina dropped the royalty clothing she was holding. UNCLE NEO!!!!!! She ran over to her uncle and friendly tackled him.

&Hello Nina, Cortex said awkwardly, not knowing that his niece would tackle him.

Hi Uncle, Nina said. Oh, by the way, we cant bother the bandicoots for the rest of the year.

Why not? asked Cortex.

Because I made a deal with Coco about it. If I hadnt, you guys would still be frozen, explained Nina.

Can I at least plot against them?

hmm.. yeah. Nina and Coco told everyone about their adventure. The teams congratulated them, then moved on to more important things, like the holidays. The two teams put the whole mess behind them, and spent the holiday together. And after the holidays and the end of the year, Cortex found himself plotting yet another plan to destroy the Bandicoots and take over the world.

The End&


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