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Chapter 1 - the marble princess

the tale of a princess that has every thing to offer the world, but falls short of expectations because she falls in love with a creature of strange power

Chapter 1 - the marble princess

Chapter 1 - the marble princess
st people had thought she was pretty, almost beautiful. Her delicate features had complimented her pale face. She had long hair, which shone strawberries blond in the sun. Her blue eyes were intense and looked as though they had seen many things that no one should ever see. She was the sign of hope for many, a person who one day could change the fate of their small country. Somehow she chose the wrong path to follow and she ended up doing more harm than good. Now lies on her lover’s tomb, forever to repent the wrongs that she partook in. The blue-stone building was where the gathering was to be held. All the wealthy and powerful were to be there. The celebrations for the princess coming of age were to start at noon. It was to be the day that she would finally have the power to do things the way she knew they should be done. Her parents had died a few years ago and left the care of the entire nation in her hands once she was the rightful age. There were many people in the community, who thought that she shouldn’t be given the chance at ruling the small nation. She, to them was too much of an odd ball, too wrapped up in her own world to notice what was going on around her. But they were to be proven wrong. The princess knew all about the doing of her fellow country men, what there struggles were, how they were coping with every day situations, and had already planned to solve all their worries and troubles. She wanted to be the one that they remembered for the good that she did. She didn’t want to be like here father, who put them into such a great debt that many are still struggling to repay. She wanted to free them of the burden of material possessions, of the burned of money.  On her first day of being the leader of the country, she gathered the small village in the town hall, and told them that she had decided to cancel the debts that were set out by her father. There were mixed emotions in regard to this news, many of which she wasn’t expecting. She had though that they would have been happy, for they were to be free of a debt and therefore would have more money to spend on more important things. But most of them though of her a foolish, she was destroying the system that they had lived with for so long. The poorer people on the other hand were glad that she was giving them a second chance, they were becoming found of their new princess.On her way back to the castle, she decided to take a detour through the forest that surrounded the village. She wanted to clear her head, the stresses of ruling an entire village was getting to her already, she had no one to confide in about her problems, and she felt very alienated from. As the trees ere growing thicker, she began to notice a soft voice floating through the air. It was like candy melting in her mouth. Sweet and satisfying. She began to follow it, before long, the trees were so thick and bushy that it was difficult to see what was in front of her. But still she pushed on, determined to see where the magical voice was coming from. Finally a small clearing opened up. The ground here was still moist with the morning dew, as the sun had not yet been able to reach through the thick canopy of the trees. The princesses eyes soon fel upon a small boyish figure, hunched over a mossy rock. He was the source of the magical voice. Suddenly his eyes locked onto hers. The face that had just moments before been sullen and withdrawn was now ecstatic with happiness. Though there was a flicker of temptation. If the princess had noticed this she chose to ignore it. This was the first mistake of many that were to follow. The princess and the boy got to talking. They talked about everything. From the stars that shone at night to the relationships they had with other people. She soon realised that he to was an orphan and had been living of the land ever since his parents deaths. The princess immediately sympathised with the strange boy, for he too looked like his was in more pain than anybody could imagine. Her loneliness had gotten the better of her. In her desperation for a friend, she trusted the first person that she could relate to. As time went by, the princess and he boy began to spend more and more time with each other. The princess, often sneaking out of the castle to visit her only companion. As their friendship grew, so did the influence the boy had over what the princess did. She was so desperate to have someone like her for whom she was that she was willing to put all her morals on hold. He slowly began to change her, bit by bit, who she was started to fall apart. She no longer took such a keen interest in what the townspeople were doing. She no longer sang to the birds as she walked to church. She began to become as sullen as the boy had looked on their first meeting. Bit by bit the princess began to fall in love with the boy, he was the only ray of hope that she could see in her existence. She started to neglect the needs of her country, instead devoting many hours of her day, doing things to try and please the boy. Soon, he had more control over her, than anybody had ever had. He fed of her hope and dreams, her fears and her rejections, he was a con artist, and soon had the princess doing his dirty work for his, because she was now so in love with him, she saw nothing wrong with what she was doing. She began to rob the poor of the few possessions that they still had. She increased taxes, and stole from the local charities. There was now utter chaos in the small country; they were worried that they were soon going to be run out of the only home they had ever known. They decided to get some one to follow the princess, to see where she was going and what she was doing for the many hours that she was away. They had there suspicions, since a young age, the elders of the village had been warned about and magical creature that lived almost alone in the forest, this creature could take on the shape of any creature that a needy person required, he also had magic so powerful that once in his grasp, it would be impossible to escape. This is who they thought the princess was meeting. As dusk fell the villages crept up on the tiny clearing. They knew that they would only have one chance to destroy the magical being. They would have to do it today, no matter if the princess was there or not.  As they watched the commotion from there hiding spot, the village riffle men took aim on the creatures head. The princess was at the other side of the clearing cooking what looked like two small angel birds. She turned around to ask her magical friend a question just as the rifle men had squeezed the trigger. She watched her only love die. Screaming with rage and shock, she ran over to the life lifeless body that was her only friend. She placed her head on his body, and cried the tears, only someone in love could ever cry.  This is where she remains till this day, in the small clearing in the heart of the forest. As the magic in which she was bound by wore of, she slowly began to turn to stone. For the tears that she had cried, created an eternal bond between the creature and the princess. And now they will lie together for eternity, thinking of the wrongs that they had done to the villagers.


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thelump on August 13, 2007, 5:55:52 AM

thelump on
thelumpThat was awfuly sad...;_; But very good! Yay!

Brodstar5 on April 7, 2007, 3:55:35 PM

Brodstar5 on
Brodstar5that was cool