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Chapter 2 - Bloody Conflict

Meet Markus, the newest of the Demon hunters

Chapter 2 - Bloody Conflict

Chapter 2 - Bloody Conflict
Markus, continues to cut his way through the horde, but whilst he cuts through the demon's, he doesn't notice a handfull of his foes re-enter the bar.

Back at Devil May Cry.

Lisa ran through the door, her Rifle across her back, sprinting across the room she vaults the table and opens the door leadin out back. a few moments later she descends the steps into the basement, viewing the weapons racks intently, grabbing a bag she filled it with weapons of all kinds, from throwing knives to longswords, from pistols to shotguns and automatic weapons. turning to leave the basement, a crash caused her to look up.

Back at the Bar.

Markus turned as screams emitted from the bar.

"Great, just bloody typical" He cursed.

Sprinting into the bar, cutting his way through, Markus roled as he put his sword away and drew his pistols, loosing off three shots from each dropping foes on all sides. But an explosion threw him back out of the door, Standing up, still firing to create himself a shield of flying hot-lead, Markus strode back towards the Bar, his hail of bullets interupted by a flash of steel heading for his neck, Markus ducked and looked up to see a larger figure in black armor stained with Blood, a cloak encased the rest of the figure.

"MARKUSSSSSSSSSSSS" the figure hissed

The figure raised it's sword again, to deliver the coup de grace, then shook and stepped back slowly as Lisa appeared hovering off of the floor slightly, her demon side taking over, the .45 shouldered and spitting lead death in all directions, demons fell all around the pair and the Figure was backed into the bar slowly.
Markus stood and added to the firepower, dropping more and more demons.

"Markus, Activate, now" Lisa called from above.

Markus nodded and closed his eyes briefly, when he openned them again they shone a deep red colour, his trench-coat flared upwards as two black wings burst from his back

"MY TURN" Markus shouted.

Markus walked forwards again, his arms outstretched with his hands open, fire gushing from his hands, which then sputtered and started flaring out in rapid darts of flame simulating his gunfire.



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morphin on February 4, 2011, 9:40:35 PM

morphin on
morphinNot bad. ^^ it's pretty good.