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Chapter 0 - Prologue

Meet Markus, the newest of the Demon hunters

Chapter 0 - Prologue

Chapter 0 - Prologue
So here we are a rooftop in L.A, a city where Demons plague the streets and dreams of the Citizens.
Or so they say, today was quiet until........ it happened

A dark figure is seen stood atop the roof top waring a cloak or at least that's what the sihllouete suggests a ring of light appears behind the figure and multiple dark shapes form and jump from within.

Meanwhile, in a dingy bar in downtown L.A

Markus: hey sweetness give me an ice cold one.

Barmaid: sure thing honey just bear with me a moment.

Markus A black haired young man of around 18, a renowned demon hunter to the Demon realm and one of the few who believes they exist. Also know as the dark Paladin to the vast Demon hordes, his piercing grey eyes have been said to stare so deep into a soul that even a Devil may cry. very similar to Dante and Nero in the fact that he is not entirely human, hence the grey eyes. other than the facial build, Markus is clothed in the simple jeans and trench-coat get-up associated with Devil hunters, but this time it's different. He acquired the nickname Dark Paladin due to his liking for Black clothing. And well the Barmaid isn't just a barmaid, her name is Lisa, she too is a demon hunter, working alongside Markus they have started their own branch of Devil may Cry on the orders of Dante himself.

Back on the roof top

Dark figure: go my minions, bring me the Hunter.

So ends the prologue the Demon Hunter has become the hunted, Big surprise there eh


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virusthehedgehog on February 4, 2011, 10:41:37 PM

virusthehedgehog on
virusthehedgehogThaks :), any things i can improve on??