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Chapter 1 - The light of Truth

Meet Markus, the newest of the Demon hunters

Chapter 1 - The light of Truth

Chapter 1 - The light of Truth
Back at the bar.

Markus: hey, where's that beer, i'm gagging over here

Lisa: Sorry Markus, but unless you've forgotten i'm bringing in the wages and i'm the only one at work today.

Markus: Sorry babe *leans in for a kiss*

Lisa returns the kiss and returns to work sliding a pint glass down the bar towards Markus.

Outside the bar.

The shadows that ejaculated from the portal have gathered out side the establishment, clearly these beings are Demons. The demons then approach the bar wielding Scythes and sickles.

Back inside.

Markus: Lisa, somethings not right, not sure what but something isn't right round here tonight.

Lisa: i know i feel it too honey.

The Demons now charge through the door, Markus stands and turns Drawing his twin custom 9mm pistols Ruby and Saphire, loosing off three rounds, allowing lisa to grab her signiature weapons.

Using the combined efforts of Markus' Twin pistols and Lisa's .45 magnum auto rifle, the Demon hunters manage to evict thier foes fromt eh bar and onto the street, giving Markus the room he needs for the 'Blood edge' to become useful, drawing the sword from the leather scabbard on his back he cut down his enemies as Lisa ran back to the 'shop'.


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