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Chapter 0 - How Ami Met Reid

A place I shall store all my short stories.

Chapter 0 - How Ami Met Reid

Chapter 0 - How Ami Met Reid
"No!! Leave me alone!! I want to see my brother!!"

The young woman growled, which echoed a little in her near empty room. Wasn't totally empty, had a mattress in the corner but that was pretty much it. The young woman, who looked very strange, was in a straight jacket and hiding in a corner. The ceiling light was dim, barely could be seen in the room.
Then a voice came into the room, from an intercom on the wall near the door. It was a man's voice. The voice of the one who captured the young woman and her brother.

"Patient, my dear. We will let you go when we are done."

"Yeah, I highly doubt that. Kidnapping me and my brother for your stupid experiments and test. I hate it!!"

The young woman got to her feet, growling. She was struggling to get her arms free. Pulling them at the arms until they ripped, freeing her arms so she could move them. She was pretty strong for her size, which is how she was able to rip the sleeves. Though, she didn't take off just yet. She stayed, lurking in the shadows for the perfect oppurtunity to escape and find her brother.


Meanwhile, two male agents from the FBI, Behavioral Analysis Unit, were there at the same building the young woman and her brother were at. In fact, they were at a hospital. In a section where they were seperated from everyone else. For everyone's protection of course. Both agents were conversing to each other about this case they accepted. One agent was young looking and skinny, the other agent looked old.

"She's not dangerous is she?" The younger looking one asked, he seemed a little worried and scared. Considering what he heard about this girl, the young woman. How she attacked people, though not knowing why.

"Well, they seemed to have her under control." Replied the older one. He seemed more calm about the situation.

Both the agents were heading to the young woman's room. Not knowing what was going to happen next. Briefly before, a doctor had gone in the room for another test. Planning on giving the young woman a needle in the arm. Though before he could pierce the needle in her arm, the young woman grabbed the doctor by the neck, growling. Getting to her feet, and raising the doctors above his.

"Give me once good reason, I shouldn't kill you right now." Though she knew that one reason, her brother. The one who doesn't like her killing anyone, even if they were just all human.

The doctor was panicking, freaking out. Begging the young woman to not kill him, that he was only doing his job. She raised her free hand, aiming it at the door. Using her magic, hands and lower arms glowing purple, she blasted the door off its hinges. Which sent it flying and hitting the wall on the other side. Everyone, including the two agents, ducked for cover. The young woman then sent the doctor flying out.

"How did she do that?" Inquired the young agent. Shocked at what he just witnessed.

"I don't know, let's go ask her."

"Are you crazy?!"

Taking the oppurtunity given, she walked out of the room and into the hallway. Not caring of the mess she just made and the fact she has freaked out a lot of people by now. Her appearance could be seen better now, as she looked around with her purple eyes. Brushing away her black bangs, though the rest of her hair was purple and shoulder length. Panther ears and a tail, and possibly fangs in that mouth of hers. She noticed the two agents, who by now, had their guns pointed at her.

"You really think your pathetic weapons can stop me?"

Both the agents were astounded by the appearance of this young woman, more so the young agent. She looked different and was different. Managing to blow a door off its hinges like it was nothing. The older agent began to talk to her.

"We just wanna talk. We both mean you no harm." He said calmly, signalling to put away their guns. Confident that the young woman won't harm them.

"No harm? You humans are all a like. You see something different, and you choose to study it like a common lab rat. Sure I attacked a few people, and.....and I'm sorry!! But gives no right to treat me like I am nothing."

Her attention was then drawn onto the young agent, as he seemed to be the cute one. She rushed over to him, close in his face. As she began sniffing him. He seemed a little freaked, but he did not move.

"Wh-what are you doing?"

"You smell like coffee...."

The older agent grinned as he looked away then back again. Amused at the fact that she said the young agent smelled like coffee.

"That is Dr. Spencer Reid. And I am sure he does, since he drunks a lot of it."

"I also smell fear from him, a lot of it. What do you think I am going to hurt you?"

"Yes!!....I mean no."

The young woman leaned forward, to whisper in his ear. "You're cute, Dr. Reid." She then bared her fangs, reaching down and getting ready to bite his neck. However, a familiar voice piped up and stopped her.

"Sister, I would advise you to not do that."

She looked up and turned around. A man who resembled her in some ways was standing a few feet away from her. He had blond hair, with black bangs. Panther ears and tail. Not to mention mismatched eyes. A green right one and a blue left one. He was also wearing a straight jacket too like his sister. Though it was torn just like she did.


Rushing up to her brother, hugging him in the process. Missing him entirely. It's been days since she saw him last. Considering they were both locked up here, in separate rooms. She was happy, almost forgetting about the two agents.

"How did you escape anyways brother?"

"I phased through the walls."

This confused the agents, as they were hearing stuff that no human can possibly do. Not to mention they looked like no ordinary human. They wondered where they came from and why they were here. The young woman though, was getting antsy and wanted to just leave the hospital.

"Come on brother, let's escape."

The brother noticed the two agents watching them and was curious in who they were. He let go of the hug with his sister and walked up to the agents to talk to them.

"Who are you guys?"

"Oh, oh Brother. The cute younger one is Dr. Spencer Reid."

"Cute one?"

The young woman clamped her mouth with her hand, facing going a tinge of red from embarrassment. Even the Dr. Spencer Reid himself felt a tad awkward. Not looking straight ahead anymore and started to look at a wall. The older one decided to introduce himself and ask who they were.

"I'm Special Agent Jason Gideon. We are both agents from the FBI, Behavioral Analysis Unit. Who are you guys?"

"My name is Damien Rubius Darkfield, and she is my twin sister..."

"...Ami Moonfire Darkfield. But you can call us Ami and Damien."

"Nice to meet you Ami and Damien, we got questions for you both. If you are willing to answer."

"I'm willing to answer, but not sure about my sister."

"I'll answer, just not in a hospital and we need our clothes back."


It didn't take long for them to get their clothes back, and to be transported to a place where they could be questioned. About what exactly they are, where they are from and why they look like they do. But of course the questions are going to be asked nicely, seeing as Ami could probably kick both their asses. Dressed and ready to talk, they were all sitting in a closed room with chairs and a few coffee tables in it. Likely a place for doctors and nurses to hang out. First one to speak, was the ever so impatient Ami.

"Ok, so what do you want to know?"

The older agent spoke, just as calm as he was before. He didn't seem to show any emotions except a default calm emotion..

"My guess is, you both are not human. What I would like to know is what are you guys and where are you from?"

"Oh, that's easy. My brother and I are from a planet called Telluria. Though, that is supposed to be a secret. We are panther aliens, well we have panther DNA in us. Also Telluria is a planet that is hidden. It's on the same axis as Earth but just on the opposite side. And hidden so you humans clearly never heard of it."

"Ami and I both came to this planet when we were young. To explore and what not. And stayed seeing as a lot of dangers were on our home world and we couldn't go back. We are royalty where we are from. We stayed for our protection and grew up here."

The young agent, known as Reid, was still feeling a tad awkward by all this. Especially Ami, since she said he was cute.  Though a question came to mind and he decided to ask it.

"Ami, I got a question for you. Were you really going to bite me? If so, why?"

"Yes, I was actually. I wanted to taste your blood. And would have if Damien here hadn't stopped me."

She proceeded to give her brother a death glare, though he shot her a look back. Basically telling her to watch it.

"You know not to bite people, Ami. Our fangs are sharp and hurt people."

Reid got uncomfortable again, while Gideon went to ask them more questions. More so Ami than Damien.

"You attacked people cause they teased you and mistreated you. All because of who you are and how you look. Why is it you did that but your brother didn't?"

"Dunno, probably cause of the whole twin thing. He is more passive than I am. Hates fighting, he gets it from mom. I am more like our dad, aggressive. If someone gets on my bad side or gets on my nerves. I won't hesitate to kick some @$$."

Reid then started to talk about twins and everything about them. Though he would have if Gideon hadn't said his name, basically telling him now is not the time. However, this amused Ami. She actually liked hearing Reid share his knowledge. He may be young but he seemed very intelligent to her.

"All I want to do right now is return to our daily lives. Without anyone coming after us either again."

"So do I, Ami. But we can't go anywhere until the FBI agents say so."

"Oh, screw what they say!!"

Feeling agitated, she got up from her seat and headed for the door angrily. Though someone grabbed her by the arm, and it wasn't her brother. She looked over to see it was the young agent, Reid.

"Don't go please, I'm sorry that you had to do through what you did but we don't want to hurt you. Please calm down."

She looked at the young agent, ready to bite him. Like she normally does. But this time she didn't, she just stood there for a moment. Calming herself down.

"Fine." She said, sitting back down in her seat.

This confused her brother, as Ami normally never really listened to anyone. And yet she was listening to this young agent. Did she like him or something?


An hour later, the so called interrogation was over. They were told they could go home. Ami was outside, and Damien had already left. He had gotten hungry, though his sister was waiting outside. She had her cell number on a piece of paper, and when Reid walked by she slipped it in his coat pocket without him noticing. Then went her own way.

"Well, Dr. Spencer Reid. I hope you enjoy your new stalker." She said to herself.


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