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Chapter 1 - When Mina Came To Town

It's the normal life of Sharpay and Ryan. Ryan still trying to reach for stardom and Sharpay still crushing on Troy. But with new characters, life gets more interesting.

Chapter 1 - When Mina Came To Town

Chapter 1 - When Mina Came To Town

Disclaimer: I do not own High School Musical, Disney, Quatre Raberba Winner, or any of the places these people go to. However, I do own Mina Evans. (My character)
Rating: PG

Mina sighed, "I hope they remember to pick me up.." Mina saw from the window that she was back in the US. When the plane stopped, Mina got off the first-class plane and looked around the airport, "No sight of Ryan and Sharpay anywhere." Mina sighed and turned around, "How was your plane sickness, Quatre?" Quatre glared at Mina, "I still wonder why I agreed to come." Mina smiled and walked around the airport, "Maybe we should go check around to see if they got lost." Quatre sighed, "You haven't seen them in eight years! You don't know what they even look like anymore!"

Meanwhile at the Evans' house...

Sharpay started to put on her make-up. Ryan sighed, "We were supposed to be there by now! It takes us an hour to get there and come back!" Sharpay rolled her eyes, "Shush." Sharpay finished putting her make-up on. "I only have to put on perfume and I'll be able to go." Ryan sighed, "Its been so long since we saw Mina and you have to take forever to get ready!" Sharpay gave Ryan a mean glare, "Shes our sister, it doesn't matter."

Back at the airport...

Mina went into a gift shop, "Where are they!?" Quatre patted Mina's back, "I'm sure they're on their way." Mina looked around and saw an American flag, "Hmm.." Mina checked the price and blinked, "Why is it $20!?" She looked onto a tag that said, "Hand-made."

On the road...

Ryan sighed, "Sharpay will you just watch the road!" Sharpay was driving and talking on her cell phone, "Shush! No not you, I meant my brother." Ryan spotted the airport, "Here we are, finally.."

Back at the airport...

Ryan and Sharpay entered the airport and Sharpay looked around, "Where do we go?" Ryan's jaw dropped, "Come on!" Mina walked to wards a Starbucks in the airport, "I'm going to get some coffee!" Quatre nodded, "Alright." Quatre waited and spotted to blondes walking pass him. He mumbled and Sharpay heard a peep from him. "Excuse me, what did you mumble?" Quatre blinked, "Uh, nothing." Mina walked out of Starbucks and handed Quatre a cup of coffee, "There Quatre." Quatre blinked, "But I didn't ask for any, Mina. I only asked for-" He was cut off by Sharpay. "You're Mina!?" Sharpay said while looking down at Mina.
Mina nodded, "Yes, Mina Evans..." Quatre covered Mina's mouth, "Don't talk to strangers!" Ryan laughed, "We're not strangers, we're her older siblings." Quatre and Mina's eye grew wide. Quatre twitched, "You m-mean that you're Mina's brother and sister!?" Ryan and Sharpay nodded, "Duh."

Next to the Starbucks' entrance at the airport...

Quatre smiled, "Well Mina, looks like I'll be going! See ya!" Quatre walked out of the airport. Sharpay glared at Mina, "Who was that!?" Mina blinked, "Thats Quatre, he is my transfer classmate." Ryan looked around, "Its getting late, we need to go." Mina nodded, "I'll go get my stuff." Mina met with Sharpay and Ryan with one bag of luggage.

Sharpay's car (oh boy)...

Sharpay was going 70mph on a 55mph highway. Mina blinked, "Sharpay slow down abit! I get car sick!" Sharpay rolled her eyes, "Yeah right." Mina started to feel dizzy, "I'm getting sick now!" Sharpay blinked and pulled to the side of the road, "Don't you dare mess up my car!"

Sharpay's Car and outside of car...

Mina recovered from her sickness and got back in the car. Sharpay continued to go 60mph and finally got to the house.

Evan's mansion...

Mina looked around, "Do I still have my old room?" Sharpay blinked, "Duh." Mina went to her old room and blinked, "THIS IS NOT HOW I LEFT IT!" The room had pictures of Troy Bolton on the walls and photos of Troy playing basketball on the floor. Sharpay ran into the room, "Don't blame me. You were gone so long, I had to put my treasure somewhere." Mina's jaw dropped, "Just get this stuff out of here!" Sharpay rolled her eyes and started to clean up.
After Sharpay was finished, the room looked the same like Mina left it. Mina, Sharpay, and Ryan fell asleep.

Morning at the Evan's mansion...

Mina woke up and started to make rice balls with seaweed wrapped around them. Sharpay and Ryan woke up, "Whats that smell?" They both walked down the stairs and saw Mina cooking, "What do you think you're doing this early!?" Mina blinked, "Cooking breakfast." Sharpay rolled her eyes, "Uh-huh.." Sharpay took one of the rice balls and took a bite out of it. She blinked, "These are..delicious.." Ryan and Mina blinked, "Really!?" They ate breakfast and got ready for school.
Sharpay and Ryan got into their cars. Mina left early to memorize her classes. Sharpay rode by Mina, who was walking to school. She stopped the car, "Mina, want a ride?" Mina blinked, My moment of bliss. "Uh, s-sure.." Mina got into the car. Sharpay floored the car and started to go 75mph.


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