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One-shot: A mysterious visitor comes to the tower and Gothel has to defend her flower from him and his strange device! For the FanArt Mashup Challenge on DeviantArt.
Plot: A very hungry Rouge lion enters the Pride Lands, and is so hungry he would eat anything... even if it was a cub...
A few months later he appears at the Waterhole and meets that very cub again

Who is this lion? And what will happen?
A collection of ten drabbles that takes us into Eugene and Rapunzel's "Happily Ever After." A drabble is exactly one hundred words.
Stayne and Tarrant argue over stuff that doesn''t matter.
One day, Gabriella was searching through her attic and discovered a picture of her childhood friend. But Gabriella remembers something about that friend. Something that stil frightens her. Something that she can't forget. Findout what it is in my fanfic [
What would you do if you found an old treasure map to a legendary planet? Jim Hawkins, your average 16 yer old, found one, and no he's out to fins the treasure and prove his own worth.
author's note: Ive added a character and changed it up a bit. Enjoy!
It's the normal life of Sharpay and Ryan. Ryan still trying to reach for stardom and Sharpay still crushing on Troy. But with new characters, life gets more interesting.
This is a revised version of a one-shot I wrote a while ago. Kuzco loses his parents, and finds comfort in someone else. This fanfic is pretty dark emotionally, but there isn't a content rating for that.
a fractured fairy tale. the twist: evil stepmother was hired as a housekeeper, stepsisters are now stepbrothers, set in moderntimes, and all my friends a the cast using their personalities! one-shot