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Chapter 2 - Mina's First Day At East High

It's the normal life of Sharpay and Ryan. Ryan still trying to reach for stardom and Sharpay still crushing on Troy. But with new characters, life gets more interesting.

Chapter 2 - Mina's First Day At East High

Chapter 2 - Mina's First Day At East High
Mina gave Sharpay a mean glare. Sharpay smiled, "Almost there!" Sharpay pulled the break and they were at East High's parking lot. Mina started panting. Sharpay rolled her eyes, "Children.." Sharpay got out of the car to find Ryan (wherever he was). Mina looked aroudn the school and bumped into a girl, "Gomen." The girl looked up at Mina, "What did you say?" Mina sighed, "I said sorry in Japanese. Sorry, if I confused you." The girl smiled, "I'm Gabriella Montez." Mina smiled back, "I'm Mina Evans. Nice to meet you Gabriella." They both walked up the stairs to go to their homeroom class.

Mina walked into the room and blinked, I get stuck with Sharpay and Ryan for homeroom!? Ms. Darbus came into the room, "Sit everyone." Mina sat next to Troy. Sharpay gave Mina a glare. Troy took his cell phone out secretly and looked at the picture of Gabriella. When Troy turned his phone off, a ring was heard. "WAS THAT A CELL PHONE!?" Ms. Darbus yelled as she watched Sharpay, Ryan, Gabriella, and Mina take out their cell phones to see if it were theirs. Ms. Darbus went around the room to collect their cell phones. "We don't allow cell phones in class, Ms. Montez. Everyone here that I spotted with a cell phone, detention today!" Chad commented on the detention list, "Thats impossible, we got practice." Ms. Darbus looked over at Chad, "Detention for 15 minutes, Chad." Taylor commented, "Thats 900 seconds if he can't count." Ms. Darbus slammed the bucket of cell phones on her desk, "Taylor, 15 minutes for you too!" Mina sighed.

Sharpay gave Mina a glare. Mina rolled her eyes. The bell rang and Mina and Gabriella walked out together and bumped into Troy. "Gomen." Mina said still rubbing her head. Troy blinked, "Huh?" Gabriella looked down at Mina, "She means sorry." Troy noticed Gabriella, "Its you!" Gabriella looked up at troy, "I can't- "-Believe it!" "Me-" "-Either" Mina looked up at the two, "You two met each other?" They both nodded, "Snowboarding place." Mina nodded, "Riight.." I have no clue what they mean.

Gabriella, Troy, and Mina walked around the corner of the hallway, talking and looked over at the audition list, "I bet you want to sign up." Troy said. Gabriella shook her head, "No, I just want to get to know the school. But if you sign up, I'll come and watch." Troy shook his head, "Thats completely impossible." "Whats impossible Troy? I didn't know that was even in your vocabulary?" Mina blinked, Great, its Sharpay.. Sharpay looked over at Gabriella and Mina and gave them a glare, "Oh, so nice to show a new classmate and my sister around." Sharpay took out a red sharpie marker and signed her name on the pair auditions list, completely covering it. Mina rolled her eyes and started to mumble, "Spoiled brat.." Sharpay turned around and put the lid back on the market, "Oh, were you want to sign up too? My brother and I have starred in all the school's productions and we really welcome newcomers. Theres alot of supporting roles in the show. I'm sure we can find something for you." Gabriella shook her head, "No no no, I was just looking at all the bulletin boards. Whats going on at this school?" Gabriella walked passed Sharpay and looked at the auditions list, "Nice penmanship." Sharpay smiled and nodded. Mina rolled her eyes and followed Gabriella. Sharpay walked up to Troy, "So Troy, I missed you during vacation. What did you do?" Troy looked over at Sharpay, "Played basketball, snowboarding, more basketball." Sharpay smiled, "Whens the big game?" Troy smiled back, "Two weeks." Sharpay stopped smiling, "You are so dedicated, just like me!" Troy and Sharpay laughed abit. "I hope you come and watch me in the musical, promise" Troy nodded and walked away. "Tootles!" Troy turned around, "Oh, tootles." Sharpay glared at Gabriella and Mina walked away.

Mina sighed, "Why can't my sister face the fact that Troy Bolton and I are just friends!" Quatre patted Mina's back, "Well, she likes him, you gotta face reality Mina. Its not Tokyo anymore. We can't just show them a sushi bar and they forgive us." Mina looked up at Quatre and gave him a confusing look, "That never works." Quatre blinked, "Oh yeah..." Gabriella looked at them, "You do remember we have detention right?" Mina nodded, "I haven't forgotten." Quatre blinked, "Detention on the first day of school for us, wow Ms. Darbus is pretty tough." Ms. Darbus walked over to the three, "Detention for you Quatre." Mina and Gabriella started laughing.


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