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Chapter 3 - Our Path

Great work in progress, hope you like the characters and the story

Chapter 3 - Our Path

Chapter 3 - Our Path
 Nalla awoke in the palace infirmary and sitting by her side was a woman. “Aunt Velia?” Nalla’s head was still sinning, “what happened” Velia answered “a short time after your brief battle and after your father left you passed out”, “how long have I been here?” “Two days and Zeara wanted to postpone both your marking ceremony until you woke up”, Nalla didn’t reply all she felt was shame defeated by her little sister. “You know you’re a pretty lucky girl”, Nalla answered “and why is that?”, “Your father is the creator, God of the Universe, and that makes you and your sister Demigods, any normal Xerian would have been kill the first punch”. “It only took a day for your arm to heal and you woke up in two days, anyone else would have broken every bone their body and be sleeping longer than a week”. “Why exactly are you here?” Nalla started Velia answered “I really came to talk; while you were in the arena I could see the hatred for your sister in your eyes”. At first Nalla didn’t want to answer but she found the courage. “She has everything on a silver platter; no matter what I seem to do no one knows my accomplishments, all because she is the future Queen even if I was born first, why does the color of your hair determine your royal role?” Velia answered “that is something for your father to answer, but I do know how you feel, your mother was the oldest and was born of white fur so she as always to be queen and just like Zeara she had all the attention, one day your father chose your mother to bare his children, such a thing was never herd of and became the highest honor for any female, he could have chosen me or you other aunt Noel, but he chose her”. Velia continued “your mother had everything even the honor of giving birth to the children of the creator”. Nalla cut her off “so how did you cope?” “ I was getting to that”, “I left the island to become it’s ambassador, I got a chance to start my own life and travel world, and you already know your aunt Noel became the kingdom General”. “So what I’m saying is stop trying to over come what you can’t over come, become your own person and live the life your father gave you”, Velia quickly left the room and Nalla was alone once again out her window was the horizon of the ocean, “it seems endless, one day I to will leave this place”. Zeara was out on her room balcony the strong breeze carried the ocean air. The smell of the ocean always calmed her mind, a falcon perched on the railing beside her, “hello their” Zeara said “hello my dear” it returned Zeara gave the bird a crazy look “ok I must be crazy” “quite the contrary princess”. “AHH …Y…YOU REALLY CAN TALK!?” “I am messenger for your father; my name is Aeon Falcoon at your service princess”. Zeara was dumb struck and still couldn’t believe she was talking to a bird. “Is there something my father wants in particular?”, yes , as you your mother’s pregnancy was delayed by two days, but she has just started going into labor as we speak”. “WHAT, DOES MY SISTER KNOW!?” “Do not worry she was the first informed” Zeara bolted out her room and down the corridor. Finally she made it to her mother’s chamber Nalla was standing outside, what are you doing out here? Nalla replied “the not allowing anyone in”, “WELL WHO’S IN THEIR?” Zeara screamed “calm down” Nalla said “It’s doctors and father” “THE OLDMAN IS IN THEIR!?” Nalla broke her tone “ENOUGH, such a disrespectful name to call our father”. Zeara calmed herself “sorry but does it strike you odd that he’s there for the birth, he was never there to witness our births”. Nalla rose and eyebrow “now that you mention no”, Nalla was assessing the situation their father didn’t witness their birth but come for this one; there must be something special about this one? It played back to back in Nalla’s head, finally the doors opened and Nalla nor Zeara could wait any longer they had to see what’s so special. Their mother was holding their new baby sister and their father was no were to be seen. “It’s a girl” their mother said, now the girls knew what so special she was born with white and orange hair and to top that off he had her marking on her arm body and face. “What are you going to name her mother?” Nalla said urging “actually your father named her”, the two girls eyes widened and both replied “what is it”, “the child who is to bring a new age her name is Nova”.                                       


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