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Chapter 4 - The Shine Of The Nova Sun

Great work in progress, hope you like the characters and the story

Chapter 4 - The Shine Of The Nova Sun

Chapter 4 - The Shine Of The Nova Sun
    Six years have passed since the birth of the young princess, and today is the celebration of her birth which is also the six year waiting span for festival of creation. Everyone in the kingdom was scrambling to make everything perfect for the celebration, but the princesses on the other hand had no notion to lend their own hand. Zeara was in the training yard demolishing the half ton training bag, Zeara made her final blow, the bag broke from its chain and spattered on the wall behind it. “Hmm...I’m getting sloppy” Zeara was seventeen her markings mint power the markings of a true warrior. “Big sister” a call came out, Zeara answered “what is it Nova?” “Can we play?” “Sorry but I’m busy, go play with Nalla”, Nova ran out of the yard and up the spiral staircase. Nova inters Nalla’s study a soothing sound comes from the door, “what is that you’re playing on?” Nalla answered “it’s called a grand piano aunt Velia gave it to me as a gift when I turned eight teen”, “what song is it?” “Moonlight sonata by Ludwig van Beethoven”, “how come I never heard of?” Nalla answered “no one has he’s from fathers domination” “did father teach it to you?” “No I stole it from his library”. Nova ran to the pile of books on the table “can I play a song?” Nalla answered “pick one and I will show you”, Nova randomly took a book “this one” “Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody no. 2, I don’t even know how to play it, it’s to advanced” Nova smiled “I’ll teach you” Nova nudged Nalla out of the seat and skimmed throw the pages, she began to play Nalla couldn’t believe it Nova wasn’t skipping a note she hit the keys with such precision perfect. Nalla was speechless Nova played the hardest song of all time and learned it in seconds. Nova finished “see not so hard” Nalla stared “that…was…the… hardest song in our father’s history how” “Nova” their mother called. Nova ran out the door and on her way out she snatched a random book off the stack knocking them over. “You called me mommy” her mother answered “it’s time to dress you for your father’s arrival”. It was midday and everyone was in the center of the city, drums started a beat the dancers followed step by step. The clouds started to cover the sky with light dark gray, a bold of lightning struck the center plaza creating a flam and a figure emerged. The drums and dancers became motionless, everyone bowed their heads. The Queen turned to Nova and whispered “it’s your father”, Nova squeezes her mother’s hand “I’m nerves mommy” “it’s alright” her mother replied. He walked up to the Queen and greeted her and looked at Nova, he kneeled down and smiled “happy birth day Nova” and handed her a necklace with a green round jewel in the center. Nova’s eyes widened “it’s so pretty, is it really all mine?” “It sure is” her father relied. Nalla and Zeara came to great their father “father” they both said, hello daughters I assume you want your gifts as well, they both smiled. A flexible battle axe manifested in Nalla’s hands, Zeara received an eight inch long knife “what kind of knife is this” she said “it’s called a bowie knife, used for skinning big game but you can gut a person with it.” Zeara smiled and hopped over the ledge and into the forest. Queen Zola laughed “she’ll be busy for a while”. They entered the palace for the celebration dinner. The dinner hall was massive and the table was full of different foods. The Queen’s sisters Velia and Noel were present in the hall, “I thought there would be more people to the shindig” Noel boasted “I see your manners haven’t changed at all” the Queen started. Velia jumped in “it’s a family dinner just for us”, “SO…WHERE IS MY FAVORITE NEESE?” “She jumped off into the forest some were”. The two doors slammed open “speak of the devil…their she is now”, Zeara was dragging a large pulsating bloody sack “what the hell happened to you” Noel said curiously, Zeara answered “I was hunting this dear and it ran into a lake and I jumped after it, little did I know there was a giant crock in it, the damn thing swallowed me alive and I had to cut my way out”. “Well clean up dinner are in five minutes”. Everyone was around the table enjoying their meal when Noel randomly spoke out “so tell me old fabled creator if your everlasting why do you need to eat”, “I might be everlasting but it doesn’t mean I can’t have a good meal from time to time, and you don’t have to call me by my formal name” he returned. Noel continued “o who wants to call you by that draft old name what was it again…Xiair”, Velia butted in “Noel know your place” “O whatever”. Nalla started to speak “father can I ask you something” “ask away” he said, “well I was reading a book of yours about the gods of your home…and well you don’t act very godly”, “NALLA!” the queen shouted, “no no its alright” Xiair said. “well let me answer that for you, the Greek god Zeus was extremely arrogant even toward his children, no one would ever question him those who did would be killed, there was even a point in time when all the gods became smug with their arrogant and soon all of mankind lost faith in them and began to rebel… you seen human prayers fed their immortality and soon with no prayers they fell into myth and legend”. Nalla was speechless “I never thought of it that way”, Noel cut her cut “so…if we stop praying to you, you will become mortal?” “On the contrary I’m immortal wither or not I’m prayed to”. Nova started to speak as well “daddy I saw that Nalla and Zeara have special gifts and was wondering what’s so special about mine?” “Well let me show you” Xiair snapped his fingers and the jewel started to glow suddenly Nova’s body started to glow. Everyone stared “unbelievable” they all said, Nova spoke “what just happened?” “Ahh my voice…it’s…different, actually my whole body’s changed”, Nova ran through a growth pert she now had the body of a seventeen year old. Xiair smiled “that jewel changes your age…your body and mind matures to whatever age you choose”, Nova suddenly returned to normal.                                                                


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