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Kally's Profile
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Username Kally Gender Female
Date Joined Location Phoenix, AZ
Last Updated Occupation Full-time ROCKETSHIPPER!!!!!!!!
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Member Info
Konnichiwa!! ^__^ I just stumbled across this site and thought it would be pretty cool to join, especially since I have tons of fanart and nowhere to post it. XP Well, I mostly draw Team Rocket from Pokemon and I am THE biggest Rocketshipper in the universe. But if anyone has a request, I can pretty much draw anything animated, but keep in mind I draw all of my art oekaki (in MSpaint, and with Paintshop Pro, Adobe Photoshop, etc.) since I don't have a scanner. I hate flames, however I will accept CONSTURCTIVE criticsm, and prefferably if it's on the way something is drawn in the picture, rather than what's drawn, because I don't pour heart and soul into my artwork to get fed stupid crap like "hay fak u rocketshiipnig iz teh suck adn jams iz teh gay so u suk!!" *rolls eyes* Please. Be real here. Also, you will find that some of my pictures are quite risque, but I will clearly mark them as such, and before anyone starts saying crap like "eeeew porn!!11one" I'll have you all know that personally, I see absolutely nothing "pornographic," "dirty," "immoral," "disturbing,"
"perverted," or "wrong" with artwork that depicts two consenting adults in a commited, monogamous relationship based on mutual respect, trust, and affection (as is the case with Jessie & James) sharing a physical bond of love. To me, the act of lovemaking is a beautiful and natural part of a romantic relationship, and I do my best to keep it in good taste and portray it in a positive light whenever I draw it. However, I know that some people object to sexual material, and I respect that, so again, all pictures with adult content are rated PG-13 or R and clearly marked as such. So, if you're one of those people who's offended by sex, then please don't view the PG-13 or R-rated stuff...and if you ignore the warnings, look at them anyway, and are offended by what you see, then please don't flame me about it. I appreciate your understanding and welcome your comments. ^___^

~ Kally ~

**UPDATE!!!** I'm not posting my art on this site anymore, but I'm still doing fanart all the time, so if ya wanna keep track of my works, go here: ^.^ Enjoy!! Stay Rocketshippy!! ^.~


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roxannadekrakatoa on June 13, 2007, 2:15:12 AM

roxannadekrakatoa on
roxannadekrakatoaI LOVE JESSIE AND JAMES! THEY'RE SO OBVIOUSLY MEANT TO BE TOGETHER! SCREW ASH AND MISTY THEY'RE PUNY AND SCRAWNY! YOUR PICTURES ARE SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD oh and by the way I'm not on speed...XD

jupiterblossem on June 25, 2005, 5:30:51 AM

jupiterblossem on
jupiterblossemHmmmmmmm, is this who I think it is? ^_~

em3042 on May 14, 2005, 3:05:34 AM

em3042 on
em3042i love ur work...its really cool and im such a rocketshipper! lol. have u ever considered writing a fanfic on jess n james? i dont think there are enough here! lol. please check out my pic of james!

Yami_no_Megami on August 5, 2004, 5:04:49 PM

Yami_no_Megami on
Yami_no_MegamiAwesome!! An obsessed rocketshipper! Kewlies. Same here. And I also live in the 'Valley of the Sun', as people lovingly call it. (i call it the hell-hole). But anyway, keep posting more rocketshippy/team rocket stuffs, kay? and, also, if you are interested you should join the Adult-Pokemon-Fan group, aka the APF, on Yahoo! 99% of us are avid rocket fans and rocketshippers. We're all crazy and have lots of fun, so you should join! Just go here:

keep 'shipping!

KagomeTheArcher on August 5, 2004, 9:56:05 AM

KagomeTheArcher on
KagomeTheArcherOh, Thank you for reminding me... I forgot about that couple for a moment till you reminded me! THANK YOU!!! I'll add them right away!

catgurl101 on July 14, 2004, 7:17:44 PM

catgurl101 on
catgurl101hey kally, i saw your pics! jessie and james are awsome!! good job! your really good! im puttin you on my fave artists +
talk to ya l8ter! >^-^<

- your friend Hayley! =b

catgurl101 on July 12, 2004, 6:58:54 PM

catgurl101 on
catgurl101OMG!! you live in pheonix!!?? i live in tuscon, pretty cool, eh? =]

catgurl101 on July 12, 2004, 6:57:45 PM

catgurl101 on
catgurl101hay Kally!! watsup!! you seem really cool! dont worry about what others say about that whole Jessie and James thing. i think that team rocket is really awsome^^ ya, i hate when people dont see it your way XD put up some pretty pics for me! i like james, hes cool lookin^^ i dunno about jessies hair though..^^ (no offence) draw me a pic of sumthin! i think your cool, i hope we can be friends!^^ i have pics too, theyre good, but i had to draw them on paint too..XD, oh well^^
- your friend Hayley =b

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