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Chapter 1:
The Beginning of the end.

Part 1

Two huge hand-crafted doors bearing a crest that almost fits the width of the door and shaped as of the Golden Triforce with the all Seeing Eye, in the middle, open making a blinding light shine from the other side that slowly fades to reveal a long corridor. The corridor has a very classic look to it and columns place four feet away from one another going down the length of each room. In runs a man dressed with a long white robe decorated with blue trimming and the same crest woven into his chest cloth that is also engraved into the door he just ran through. The man stops a few feet away from the door holding himself up on his knees and panting hard. He looks down the corridor he still has to go through, this one is much nicer in looks with aqua colored carpets that lay in the middle of the white marble tiled floor. Each carpet is only five feet in width but each stretch eight feet in length. "I-I don't get paid enough for this" the pail man thought to him self sarcastically. The man stands up striate and sighs at this next room he needs to get through. The room starts to end coming upon doors that are twice the size of the pervasive room. "…About time…" A small look of relief washed over his face, but still a fear within his heart just wants to get this over with. "…Master Folken I bring News from master Crono" inside the room is shown revealing everything White: the walls, floors, ceilings, and steps are all the same in color. "…Enter" the voice is that of Folken directly speaking inside his servants mind. The massive Crystal doors part and a path lights up leading his messenger to him. The room needs no light but next to the steps are candles that burn black flame each floating a foot in the air. As he enters his master's chambers the doors close behind him without making a sound, then fade into white and become the wall itself. Getting to the end of the path, the messenger looks at a pentagram placed on the floor at the foot of the throne which lies on top of a stair case. At each point of the Pentagram a sphere hovers just off the ground each spinning in some slow clock ways motion. "What News do thou bring me Shar?" Master Folken appears sitting on his throne of Blue Crystal that has four spikes on the top reaching outward. The Crystal looks as if the center is pulsing with a deeper blue glow that seemed to fall into rhythm with Shar's Heart beets. "I-I have word from m-master Crono" Shar starts to get nerves and has to clear his throat. Folken's eyes narrow as he looks at Shar's pathetic attempt to speak to him. The room booms with Folken's voice as he calls for silence. Shar stands still and in a state of shock from his master’s command. " I will look for myself" the calm Folken begins to say. His eyes shine a light blue then fade back to his normal brown. "Yes, I see Crono has found the center of this universe, now we can begin the first steps to purifying the darkness...yes soon I will be the only power." He looks at his servant that is trying to stand still so not to make his master upset. "..Be gone now. I need to think." Shar nods then places his right hand over his heart showing respect to his master and takes his leave.

Folken moves from his seat and begins to walk to the far right wall. With a wave of his hand the wall opens revealing another room that is emitting small beams of blue light. In the middle of the room a massive orb is spinning in the same motion that the orbs were moving on the pentagram outside. The walls are made up of squires that look like tiles, each rows of Squires are moving in different directions it seems to resemble the inner working of a clock. "Ha, ha, ha . . . every one of these keys holds the power of each universe I have clammed. This is the only one left the center of the puzzle." The movement of the center stops and an empty cube pulls itself from the group. The block is three times the size of Folken and in the center is a small opening where the beams of light enter to stabiles the multidimensional voids that represent the space the Keys where once in so that they remain stabile wile onboard the Zodiac, Folken's main ship. "This is the last one then I can create an artifact that will rain over all the others, and insure that my work will not be undone . . . The time of the Ultimatians begins. HA, HA, HA, HA" Folken's deep laughter echoed throughout the room. Behind him three bits of light flash, Folken stops laughing and stands still while the light's take form. "Din, Farore, Nayru, why do you disturb me when I asked for no one to enter?” The lights fade and three women appear all down on their left knee and using their right arms to prop themselves up. The three were still with heads down and eyes closed bowing before their lord. The woman in the middle was Din, her cloths where all a red color and looked like an archers robe that only stretched to her thighs and was tied at her waist with a red sash that trailed to the floor next to her left leg. Din’s left arm was bare and her robe's sleeve was cut to her shoulder with a darker red trimming on the side, wile her other had a sleeve that was longer then her arm and went over her right hand that was touching the ground still in a bowing position. Her hair was long and red as well; it was bound behind her with a string and was as long as her torso. Next to her, her two sisters' Farore, on her left and Nayru to her right were wearing the same as Din but Nayru's was all Blue and Farore was all Green. The only other differences in their looks was that Nayru's Blue hair was not bound and hung freely covering one side of her face. Farore was the only sister that had short green hair. While Din's left arm was bare the other two had the same look but on the other side leaving their right arms bare. "Lord Folken…" Din said standing up and facing Folken her two sisters followed. "We have urgent news from Master Crono, he found the artifact, but when he tried to acquire it he was attacked by unknown organisms." Folken turned around with a little of a surprise. "Hmm...So it does have a guardian should be no problem for Crono he is one of my top enforcers." Folken replied. "It seems that there is not one but three guarding this Artifact and they seem to be stronger then the others we have encountered with the five main Key's we recently acquired." Nayru explained. "We have also lost 50% of are army to these things. I fear that we will soon be attacked our self’s, these Guardian's came from the three Triangles of the Dark Triforce" Farore said moving her hand to her hip. Folken's eyes grew wide when he heard the words Dark Triforce. "I knew it, so the Dark Triforce does exist in this world. The Cabal truly are remarkable creatures. To think they could create a force capable of killing Ultimatians…HA,HA,HA,HA" Folken turned and looked at the four keys floating around the massive Crystal. "The four swords, even I can not use them because of their power. Upon their blades are incantations that can not be read but only let there true masters handle them. And the black crystal the fifth key used to hold the power of the swords remarkable are these artifacts, but my power will even hold them soon." Folken thought to himself. "Uh? Sir what would you have us do?" Din asked with a look of concern. "..Yes I will take care of this problem personally...” a small Grin appeared on Folken's face as he turned and started to walk to the door. "You…sir!?" Din asked with a look of shock that her sisters also made. Folken stopped and turned his head a little to the side. "Yes I see that these Guardians will not be taken easily…" Folken started walking again "what would you have us do my lord?" Din asked as a sweat drop went down the back of her head. "You start working on a containment chamber that will hold the Guardians when I return." Folken replied waving his left hand in the air. The door opened and closed behind Folken as he left the room. Din, Nayru, and Farore looked at each other then dropped there heads sighing.

Folken walks into the main control room of the Zodiac his cape moves with him as he walks. He is wearing a shirt that has no sleeves and is white in color and pants that are held up by a white sash. His hair is long and waves with the small breeze that flows around the room. "Report" Folken speaks as he comes to a stop in front of the window in the control room. "Sir, the three have broken through the front line and are approaching as we speak. They will be here within the hour sir." the man finishes, though he is still crunching the numbers on the control board in front of him. "And what of Crono any word from him?" Folken walks over to the screen looking at all his ships as they try to fight off the unknown threat not yet seen. "Nothing sir I have not heard any word form master Crono since he entered the middle of the black sphere." the engineer replies still trying to reach the other ships to hear what is going on. "I want you to show me the three Guardians that are causing this chaos" Folken was now standing in the center of the room with his arms behind his back crossed over one another. "I am getting a visual now sir, almost....there got it. On screen!" the engineer yelled pulling a leaver next to him. The screen turned on and fuzzed a bit then became clear. On screen is showed three shadows destroying the ships and firing energy waves at the targets. On closer look of the three it showed that the tallest one had a strong build and resembled a man his eyes where the only thing on him that was not a solid blackness. The eyes where burning with a deep red. He also looked as if he had long hair that reached down to his legs and the spiked locks moved with every motion, looking as if it was on fire. The one next to him was shorter then the rest and had the build of a woman her eyes shined with a dark blue and her hair was just as long as the other ones but it had the more detailed mix of locks and weaves. The last one was in the middle of the two in size and it too had the body of a woman. Her eyes where a dark green and her hair had a fine smooth flow to it and only went down to her lower back. "There is something on their foreheads...zoom in now" Folken demanded. "Yes sir" the screen zoomed in making the symbols become clearer on there foreheads. The mans head showed the symbol of Delta in red, the middle sized woman's reviled the symbol Lanya in green and the last one showed the symbol Washu in blue. "Yes I though so" Folken's eyes became wider as he looked on with disbelief. "Washu the Guardian of Wisdom, Lanya the Guardian of Courage, and Delta the Guardian of it is true, the Dark Triforce is here, after all my work I have found it at last." Folken had a grain on his face as he looked on at there destruction. "...Sir they are heading this way!" the lights on the ship turned red as the alarm went off pursing the silence on the ship with a loud echoing ring. "I will handle this myself..." Folken started to walk to the main hanger. "Ugh, sir do you want us to open fire on the targets?" Folken looks at the engineer with a look as if he was upset, that then fades to a smirk. "There is no point you would not even scratch, open the gate." the engineer solutes and hit the red button next to him. The door in front of the engineer closed and the one on the other side of Folken opened slowly. The air in the room was pulled out as Folken walked to the opening before him.

Washu, and Delta where attacking the near by crafts as they tried to fire back. Massive eruptions started to happen all over the retaliating ships, Lanya appeared standing on the hall of a dying ship with both hands in front of her and connected at the index finger. In the middle a green aura shined then sparked a ball of energy. Lanya then moved her hands as far as they could reach out in front of her releasing hundreds of energy balls that hit more then nine of the now fleeing ships. Each ship started to sink as flames shoot out of the sides of each. Lanya looked off into the distance her eyes burned with raw power that could not be expressed any other way since her eyes were the only detailed part on her over shadowed body. Both Delta and Washu looked the same way as well, feeling a strong energy approaching them quickly. Lanya jumped from the ship she was on and started to move closer to this force, leaping from piece to piece of the broken wreckage, that the other two soon flowed as well. The three stopped on a massive part of old ships remains and looked at Folken as he came to a stop as well. "Well, the three Guardians of Legend, so we meet at seems you have taken out almost all my FLEET, I am very impressed but you are getting in the way of my plans and that is not something I will tolerate, prepare yourselves!" Lanya, Delta, and Washu looked on as Folken floated in space three feet above them. Folken had his Arms crossed and his grin seemed to provoke his opponents to attack him first and so it was. Delta shot out first flowed by Washu, as Lanya stood there whiting for her opportunity. Delta through his right fist to Folken's chest but not in a blind move, Washu appeared over Delta using his attack as a diversionary tactic to charge some energy into her palm that she used to place in front of Delta's blow and making it expand so that his hole body was covered in an aura of dark blue, making it so that his body it self was the weapon and not just his punch. Folken eyes burned with a fire in them as he saw the power and wisdom guardians truly use there strong points to put there opponent at a disadvantage. "Need to do better then that!!" Folken Turned to his side making his left side open for the blow, but just a Quickly as he moved him self in that direction he also moved his arm outward and placed his palm almost right over Delta's punch, releasing a wave of energy that engulfed Delta, and Washu's bodies blowing them backward and slamming them into the wreckage of ships. From behind Folken Lanya appeared with her right arm placed back making her hand come to her chest, her fingers where together and pointed like a spike. Her eyes showed no emotion as she threw forth her attack pursing through Folken's chest with her right hand. Folken turned this head and looked into Lanya's cold eyes; he then looked at her hand thrown through his chest. "Not bad…my turn" Folken's body flashed and burned in white fire leaving nothing but dust, Lanya stood straight up with her arms to her side waiting for Folken to show himself. Lanya's eyes open wider as she located where he was, quickly she turned around and placed her left arm in the air blocking an attack to her head that only resembled a flash of light when it hit her. A cut burned into her arm making some of her arm fly to the right of her. Then more flashes appeared around her body hitting her left leg, right leg, right arm, chest, head, back, abdomen, left thigh, right thigh, and stomach. Folken appeared ten feet away. In his right hand he wields a sword made of white energy that was six feet long and one foot wide on the blade. A grin came to his face as he looked at Lanya's torn body, pieces of her over shadowed body where flouting next to her looking like ripped peaces of fabric that surrounded what was left of her. On Folken's chest the blow that was thrown through him was starting to heal and close back to normal, even the cloths he was wearing became whole again.

As the battle field lay quite Folken stands with his arms crossed looking around trying to find Washu's and Delta's bodies. As Folken was moving scanning over the wreckage he felt a strong energy from where he finished off Lanya. Her energy was growing as he watched with a look of shock in his eyes. The peaces of her body became like a liquid and joined back together forming her body the way it was before he ripped her apart. "WHAT!?” Folken said with a bit of shock in his voice. Lanya's body became the way it was here eye that once burned with energy where now dim as if she was out of energy forming her self back together. Lanya then faded out appearing to the right and left of him in moments. She was projecting after images of her self all around him making him go back on the defensive. "So you still want to play, fine….what th!?" afterimages of Delta and Washu started to appear in the blurs of light, both of them where back and in formation with Lanya preparing for there counter attack. Folken stood up no longer in a defense position he had his eyes closed and was concentrating on just the three and not on there afterimages. "…there" Folken put his right arm into the sky above his head, he placed his left hand to the side of his ribs making a cup in the air as if catching something just the same as his other hand, he then put his right Leg up bending at the knee up across his stomach. Lanya appeared with her right leg trying to throw it through Folken's head, Washu appeared in a side dash pose with her right elbow pointed out in front of her trying to ram it into Folken's rip cage, Delta appeared with his right leg starched to his side and rotating it so he was throwing it into Folken's stomach. All thee of there moves where blocked. Lanya's foot was being held in Folken's right palm, and Washu's elbow was stopped in Folken's other opened palm. All three of them looked at Folken their eyes widened as a grin came over his face. The four all disappeared in a light that made a booming sound as it happened. Massive explosions were happening all over the place the four where moving at a speed that Folken's ships could not lock on. "How the hell are they doing that!?" one engineer asked as the cu looked on with fear in there hearts. "I-I don't see them anymore." A man said as he was looking at the instruments on his computer. All of the people in the engine room let out a scream when Delta, Washu, Lanya, and Folken crashed through the ship into the engine room that instantly became a burning mass of fire, killing every one of the cu members as the ship exploded in the air. The Ship imploded making blasts of fire shoot from inside out. Delta and Folken appeared, Delta was in the middle of a spin kick wile Folken was charging up energy in his right fist. Moments latter they both disappeared; the explosion of the ship was broken by a boom that knocked the remains away from the fighters, casing them to fly into other remains of ships exploding in blue fire on contact. "Sir (static broke over his intercom) Sir Do you read me!?" wile Folken was blocking the oncoming furry of attacks he started to hear the voice of Nayru through an ear peace he had to keep in touch with the Zodiac. "What do you have to report Nayru?" Folken said as he ducked under one of Deltas attacks. "Sir... (Static Broke again) We have completed the containment fields you requested, and are weighting your orders to fire holding beams at the targets.” Folken connected his right fist to the chest of Delta making him fly backward. The other two stopped attacking and floated along side one another as Folken moved backward away from them. "Very well....make ready the Alpha Cannon." Folken looked at the three as they floated there weighting for his attack. "Its time I end this" with that said Folken clinched his fists placing them to his sides as he started to yell creating an echo that made his cu remove there head phones all shocked by the loud noise. Folken's fists when in blurs though he was not moving them at all, his voice deepened as wave after wave of energy hit the three flouting there. Bits of there own mass where chipping off them and pulling them self's to the raging power, Folken's body started to emit white energy that appeared all over the space of which they where in, turning the endless darkness into a blinding light. Folken moved his hands forward pointing his palms to his opponents a grin on his face all the wile, just then he let fly a massive energy wave that encircled the guardians of the dark Triforce making them turn around from side to side looking at the energy around them. "Now wile they are detracted" Folken said almost in a whisper. “Yes sir”, said Nayru though Folken did not here because of the amount of static his attack created. The massive ship know as the Zodiac started to turn it self by opening panels on the bottom starboard side that revealed engines emitting blinding light that pushed the ship in counter-clock-ways direction. While rotating the ships balancers started to kick in so that not to rotate the ship on a Z axis. The front of the Ship now pointed to the 3 shadows, the four spikes at the tip of the ship opened parting from each other creating a loud charging noise as each began to glow purple all the lights on the Zodiac went off except the red warning lights that filled the control room, partials of white light started to collect at one point in-between the four glowing spikes seeming to draw on the power around the ship. In a massive eruption of light it fired its cannon making the ship push backward some stopping it self as the engines kicked back on. The unstable beam flue forward with a speed the guardians could not react to. In an explosion of light that engulfed the three, Folken and the Zodiac all the space around them imploded creating a black hole that started to absorb the mass around it, one min latter it lost its power closing the space around it and becoming empty. Folken flouted there as the three laid unconscious in the same spots, Folken moved his right hand to his earpiece and ordered men be sent out with the containment tubes to collect this catch of his. Meanwhile Folken turned his glances on his bigger goal and disappeared last seen heading for the massive black Orb that contained his true prize, the Dark Triforce.


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