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Shadow_Chaos_Panic's Profile
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Member Info
Ok, updating off my last visit here where I again, re-wrote my profile. Well kiddies of Fanart-Central, I'm back to sya more, it will be of no importance to those of you with little IQ or lack the skill to read real words (i.e. Not this: U r so kool, can we B friends? Lol lol lol!1!) <--- Not that many of you noticed that there was something wrong with that. I mean not to offend those that can't spell, oh hell no, what I depicted there was pure honest lazy @$$ typing, spell the fricken word piss ants!
There is a differance between, not knowing how to spell the word, and murdering the word. We send kids to school to learn, and what the hell happens? Three letter words become to hard for their lazy little fingers to type, so they type one...heres a clue, unless it's A or I then one letter does not spell a word. Need help typing, then take a damn class I bet you anything most schools have a fricken keyboarding class, get into the class, and learn a damn thing or two!
Now, where was I going with this? <--- That is what you might be asking right now. Well not even I am sure, but I'll get there I asure you that much, so if your finished being degraded, then stop here, because if your anything like like the people I described above, you need to get off the fracking computer and get a life, and study the hell out of your lazy @$$ mind, spelling, typing, and maybe a book: How to have a fracking life, for Dummies. <--- Check that one out at any local area, I'm sure it'll help you greatly.

I am not done with my ranting, but unlkie the ones most likely reading this, I have a life to report to, so I'll be back some other day to finish off my rant.
In the mean time:

I say hello to my good friends:
You guys are real friends, talk to you soon.


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morphin on April 10, 2005, 12:27:33 AM

morphin on
morphindont leave I know dont really know ya that much but I#ll miss ya any way morphin.

Master_Tails on March 25, 2005, 2:15:15 AM

Master_Tails on
Master_Tailsderek moved to washington?...holy shoot...
thats so must suck...

maybe u two should get AIM...then u can keep in contact...
go to and get an s/n...maybe you can mail derek telling himt o get one too

i hope it all works out

Master_Tails on March 24, 2005, 12:10:33 PM

Master_Tails on
Master_Tailsokay, i may not have seen u in like...forever
but i still look at ur art every now and then, just to remind myself ur still here ^_^

so i dun want go away when it dont fracking leave!

and u still kick major @$$, so i hope the 45 minuts i spent trying to think up this comment is worthwhile....*is very stupid*

rock on

Goka on March 23, 2005, 9:30:35 PM

Goka on

SS5DIABLO on March 23, 2005, 6:59:22 PM

SS5DIABLOHey Their How are you and I hope you takenereasy andrelaxing haveing fun . Also i lvoe your art it's kickass and verry good also i love how you color it really cool pics i mean really cool love them al So yeah keep up the god w9ork and draw more And have lots of fun ok really huggle her for support Also love th ename really the darkness is so cool well mi better be going probley talking to much of your stime well bye and have fun ok I bow inrespect and vanish into darkness

Goka on November 22, 2004, 10:59:30 PM

Goka on
GokaHey buddy i was wondering you know your using my characters in your Aaron the loner 3 story well could u like add one more of mine PLEASE *falls to knees and starts begging* would you be able to add Caz the Echidna as its Caz's history week ^^ this week anyway she would be a kid and just to tell ya she is the daughter of Knuckles ^^ (i know i was going to add a chapter explaining it on TAOFTH but i've been banned from the pc) If you don't want to i don't mind..oh and Slash as a new power if she has a nightmare it comes true...thanks anyway Byez *hugs*


Cybee on November 1, 2004, 11:38:53 PM

Cybee on
CybeeHi there SCP i was wondering when my request is going to be up...not to be rude its just i asked u a while back and i'm really busy atm and the only time i'm going to get online is during my breaks...taking your A levels is hard

Soniathehedgehoglover on September 26, 2004, 10:56:27 PM

Soniathehedgehoglover on
Soniathehedgehogloverdid i mention he is the son of me Danny and Sonic's sister Sonia *if you wanna better detail see pici of him in my section (if its up)*

Soniathehedgehoglover on September 26, 2004, 8:49:21 PM

Soniathehedgehoglover on
SoniathehedgehogloverOkay SCP you asked me for info on my fan character for your story and here it is :P.
His name is Tonic he's dark purple he's about 15 yrs old...he's half hedgehog half Echidna he looks like a hedgehog but he has One Echidna spike down the sides of he face he wears fingerless gloves which are black and also clothes like the Old DJ picis u have erm and well he acts like a bit like Knuckles but nicer he likes to beat up robots even if they are destoryed he looks out a lot for his cousin Slash
I hope thats help SCP well gotta get back to college bye

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