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Developer Blog - 6/30/2010

Blog Entry: Developer Blog - 6/30/2010

Blog Entry: Developer Blog - 6/30/2010
Posted by: Stratadrake
Posted: June 30, 2010, 10:19:42 AM
Time for another update.... what is new?

Well, not that much, really. Development is a slow task when you have a full-time (paying) job to attend to. Some days I am lucky to get even one or two hours to work on PHP code and scripting.

But a few useful notes:

1 - There are actually a few undocumented features in FAC's Search tool. For example, you can add image dimensions to a search query and FAC will restrict its search to that exact size. So if you keyed in a query of "640x480 wallpaper", this would search for "wallpaper" among only images that are 640x480 pixels.

2 - We now have a staff roster page in development. This is a tool to inform the community of who they can contact to report things such as violations, but it is just as much a tool for us staff members too: It gives us an exact, up-to-date list on who is authorized to do what. The work-in-progress is here:

3 - Maybe you've encountered the occasional error message where you receive a blank page with two, sometimes three lines of text identifying the error. Why is the page blank? Well, long story short it was an attempt to fix a particularly nasty error (called a "blocker") that occured during development. But the blank-page error has been fixed so that it will properly display the site header and color scheme now. Compare the difference:

And that about wraps it up for now. More to come later.