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Developer Blog - 7/25/2010

Blog Entry: Developer Blog - 7/25/2010

Blog Entry: Developer Blog - 7/25/2010
Posted by: Stratadrake
Posted: July 25, 2010, 9:33:58 AM
Haven't updated in a while, but:

We recently got word of two bugs in the site, as follows:

#202 - Using backslashes or apostrophes in the Title or Description of a story submission caused them to multiply like rabbits, doubling in number on each and every edit.

#203 - Setting your profile page to "Restricted" commenting mode wasn't working properly; it actually blocked commenting entirely due to a bug in the authorization checks performed while processing a new comment. So although the commenting form would still display properly, new comments wouldn't process.

Both of these bugs have been resolved on our RC domain, and will be patched to the WWW domain upon denis's next update.