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Sykaru-chan's Profile
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Username Sykaru-chan Gender Female
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Member Info
This is the history that Sykaru was born into (well, actually 12 years ago before she was born, now let me briefly describe the background of the world, note: this hasn’t been really used in any other story, or at least I hope not; it could be similar to another story and I don’t know. How the heck should I know every freakin’ story, game, or manga? Oh well, life goes on). There is trouble on earth; nations are plotting against each other and distrust is in the air. In fact, a small group, called the Shi-jan group, formed because the nations are electing new governments, each one of them is corrupt and shows no sympathy to the needs of those other than themselves. The Shi-jan promises a new life on a newly discovered planet called Matnook (named after the scientist who discovered it, Dr. James W. Matnook, who later died of mysterious circumstances). This planet was like Earth, optimal atmosphere, perfect rotational speed, and close enough to the star it is orbiting. Unfortunately, the planet was too far away and would take millions (or more) years to get there. At this time period, they have already made a ship that can travel more than the speed of light, but still would take thousands of years for a ship that fast to make the trip.

The Americans have now invented a spaceship that can go much faster than the speed of the previous ship, and the trip time has been cut down dramatically. Now it only takes about a week to get to the planet Matnook. This was done very secretly in Area 51, where they analyzed the debris of the spaceships that crash-landed here during the Roswell incident. They, being the only incorruptible government on the planet, gave the ship and it’s plans to the Shi-jan group, to them they give their trust. They left earth without any notice of the other nations and took 10,000 men, 10,700 women, and 9,000 children. Some think they are going to start a new life because of hardships they are having. Others are scientists and military soldiers in this group, who are part of the Shi-jan. Unfortunately, no one knew the true plans of the Shi-jan, until it was too late. Their real motive was set up their (ahem) research for the governments to use for warfare. This research was on the enhancement of human attributes and so far they have failed in their experiments, but have produced a new life form, but it escaped on earth and wasn’t seen since. They landed on the planet and made a base to continue this research. Americans found out they have been tricked so they build a ship themselves and send soldiers to stop this, before this starts another World War. The battle on Matnook raged on until the U.S. finally won and set up a government there. They thought it was best not to tell the civilians who lived there what happened. They thought they stopped this dangerous research, but they were wrong…

Jumping twelve years...
A young lady with long jet-black hair and bright green eyes, played with her young 4 year-old daughter, a spitting image of her mother, only younger. The young girl smiled at her mother and asked, “what other game shall we play, Mother?” She smiled back and looked up in to the sky and how quickly it became so dark, at 3:00 o’ clock in the afternoon? She smiles and answers, “not now, Sykaru, we must go inside for lunch now.” Sykaru smiled and skipped inside to find her favorite book so her mother can read for her. She found a leather-bound book with Japanese writing on it and handed to her mother. She sighed and laughed, “Rurouni Kenshin, again? We read this five times already, aren’t you tired of this book yet?” She smiled, “but it’s my favorite! No matter what, Kenshin never kills anyone, even if he gets so close to becoming the Battousai.” The mother laughs and reads the first few chapters and beckons Sykaru to go take a nap. “Yes mother, weeeeeee!!!!” she runs off to her room. The mother smiled and joined her husband on the couch, dark-haired and brown-eyed, he sighed. “You really shouldn’t read her those samurai stories, Sara; they can really get to her head, you know.” Sara smiled. “Don’t worry about it, she’ll be fine, it’s not like she is going to get awful ideas, Ron.” He shook his head. “It’s not just the samurais, it’s also any story that involves speedy characters, like that blue hedgehog…”

Sykaru was not sleeping, but getting out a wooden sword and swinging it around. She then yelled, “Hiten Mitsurugi Style! Kuzu Ryu Sen!” She trips over her bear that was on the ground and falls to the ground. “Ow…” She rubs her head and cries a little bit, but then she heard a rustle outside her window and heard voices. “The right age, blood type, she is acceptable,” said one voice that sounded metallic. “Good,” said a sizzled out voice. “Proceed.” Something smashed through the window; glass pieces shot everywhere as she let out a scream. A giant metallic robot with red dots all over and large claws grabbed Sykaru. “Mommy! Daddy! Help!” she screamed. They both ran into her room, her father carried a shotgun and started shooting at the robot. No effect happened to it, and it shot two lasers at the parents. They both fell down, dead. The last words Sykaru heard before the robot shot her with a tranquilizer is from her mother, “Sykaru Hawkins… remember… your… name… that is your name…” She fell dead. “MOTHER!!!!” she cried until she dozed off into a dream. She awoke in some kind of water tube, with wires strung around her and voices and shadows everywhere, but she couldn’t see. “Mother…father… where are you…? She whispered weakly and blacked out.

A bunch of scientists were gathering around her and taking notes. “She is handling the extra energy very well, but she hasn’t gained consciousness yet,” said one of them. “She will,” said another. “She will be an excellent weapon to use against the Earthlings, a real irony for them because she is an earthling herself,” he chuckled. “Have you erased her memory?” They nodded and continued working. “The new DNA we introduced to her did change her a bit, her bangs turned green” piped up one. “It doesn’t affect her health, so continue working”.

For three years, she stayed unconscious, until she opened her eyes. Was it all a dream, she wondered, who am I? She looks at the other shadows outside her tube. “Who am I?” she asked. “ANSWER ME!!” Her eyes glowed green and light shined all around her, until she vanished.

Earth: year 1997
A boy, about eleven-years old with bright blue eyes, dark brown hair and blue bangs; walked on a beach in Hawaii. He carried on his belt a large iron wrench (can you say Dark Cloud 2? O_o;;;). He saw a bright light and looked at the distance and saw a young girl emerge from it. She dropped to the ground and fainted. He ran toward her and held her in his arms. “Little girl, are you alright?” He spoke in a British accent. She opened her eyes. “Who are you?” she weakly said, then fainted.

She woke up in a strange place and sees that same boy, bending down and placing his hand on her forehead. He smiled. “Ah, so you are awake, that was quite a ride you went through, you practically broke the laws of physics when you ripped open that portal.” Her eyes were very unfocused, partially because she has no idea what he just said. “Oh sorry, forgot you are human and do not understand such things, that’s okay. Quite a gift you have there, I know the formula for creating portals, but actually doing it, that’s a remarkable achievement. By the way, my name is Cerusa, and yours?” Either her mind is still groggy from whatever-he-just-said, or she’s a bit slow on the uptake. A silver haired boy walked towards Cerusa. He has gentle grey eyes and carries a tall spear. He smacks Cerusa on the head with the wooden side of his spear. “Good grief, Chaos, let her breathe for crying out loud.” Cerusa rubbed his head. “Aranoake, do not call me that, I prefer ‘Cerusa’.” Aranoake sticks out his tongue, in a brattish sort of way and glances at the girl, smiling.

To be cont....Dum dum dum...


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