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insert_username_here's Profile
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Username insert_username_here Gender Female
Date Joined Location In my head... o.O
Last Updated Occupation childcare... amateur voice actress
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Member Info

Member Info

Itai hodo namida afureru shinkaino yoru wo koe

GARASU no suimen te wo nobasebahikari ni todoita
Mieru mono dake ga kikoeru koe dakega
Subete ja nai koto ni kizuite
Shinjirareru mono hitotsu fuetaima nara tsuyoku nareru ne
Kizutsuite mata kagayaku muteki noKIZUNA kanjiteru
Dareka ja nakute kimi ja nakya DAME
Setsunai hodo motometeru
Kiseki ga kasanareba unmei ni kawarumitai ni
Utagai nante yaburi suteyou
Katai KIZUNA wo shinjite
Fuan ya kodoku wa jibun no yowasaga umidasu kage
Me wo sorasanaide mukiaeru yo nigetarishinaide
Te ni fureru mono ya kanjiru netsudake ga
RIARU ja nai koto wo oboete
"Sasaeau" to iu imi wo shootta imanara tsuyoku nareru ne
Kakegae no nai nakama to musundaKIZUNA wa eien
Doko ni itatte, todoku MERODII
Hitoribocchi ja nai kara
Megurikuru kisetsu ga inochi woumidasu mitai ni
Yukkuri dakedo, sodatete yukou
Fukai KIZUNA wo shinjite
Watashi no itami wa... watashootachino kurushimi
Watashi no egao wa... watashootachino yorokobi
Wakachiau koto to hitori norikoerukoto
Nanatsu no umi, musubu KIZUNA shinjite!
Kizutsuite mata kagayaku muteki noKIZUNA kanjiteru
Dareka ja nakute kimi ja nakya DAME
Setsunai hodo motometeru
Kiseki ga kasanareba unmei ni kawarumitai ni
Utagai nante yaburi suteyou
Katai KIZUNA wo shinjite

Eherm... yeah... I'm Mermaid Melody obsessed.

I'm rather new here (even though I joined two years ago xD). I draw a lot of original anime characters *stupid art needs to be approved*... ehehehe.... ^^;;

Soo... er... here's some stuff aboot me...

Name: (alias) Tsuki
Age: unknown O.o
Birthday: July 2!! And I define a cancer.
Favorite anime: either Naruto or Mermaid Melody x3
Favorite manga: Kamishima Karen ^^
Favorite food: Sukiyaki
Favorite book: Eragon series or Harry Potter series ^^;;

Drawing since: Oh, gosh... uhm... since I was 8?
Skill level: not too great ^^;;
Weapons: Pencils and sharpies, mainly, since I don't have any editing programs @_@
Requests: I'll do requests, if they're in my drawing range. More info below.
Collabs: (stands for collaboration) I'd love doing a collab with someone, as long as I'm not colouring. ^^;;;;

I will do requests, if they're in my drawing range, as said before. That is:
-I draw terrible guys, unless they're really girlie-guys, but I can give it a shot
-I can do pretty much any angle except aerial and ground (from below)
-I will not draw explicit nudity drawings.
-If I can, I will do yaoi/yuri
-I'm better at original characters, but I can do others
-If you want a character that I'm not familiar with (i.e. a game I haven't heard of or an original), I will need a detailed description OR a reference picture.
-I CANNOT colour on the computer right now, I can only do ink and coloured pencils. Keep that in mind.

Okay, so that's it for requests. I really wanna do some, tho, so don't hesitate to ask. @_@

So... er... that's all *I think* you need to know... I'll be friends with anyone who is willing to be friends with me. :D


Comments (33)

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CartoonQueen262 on September 1, 2006, 10:34:34 AM

CartoonQueen262 on
CartoonQueen262AMAZING!I love the way you draw!Very nice!I hope to see more!
It is quite well drawn.Fantastic job!I love it!Also,I adore
your avatar.Chibi Venus right?Very adorable.I really am looking forward to see more of your artwork.I only saw one,
but that already told me that your a very talanted artist.By
the way,my I make a request?I haven't posted the character yet
but I can give you a detailed description.I know you said you
draw terrible guys but if it's a girly guy you would take a
shot at it.Well I'm sure if my character can be called a
girly guy but he is 85% of the time mistaken for a girl due to
his long hair.Okay,the boy's name is Wraf(pronuced as "raf" the w is slient).He's about 7-11 years old.He's very young
and childish.He a short black shirt that exposes his stomach.He wears shorts which are also black.He has red demonic eyes.Now for his hair.It's black and it comes all the way to his back.Most of the time shadowing his left eye.
Now you can either draw him jumping on a bed and giggling,
cause remeber when I said he's childish.Or you can just draw
him sitting and his hair is shadowing his left eye.Whichever
one you would like.

KatsuMaru on July 6, 2006, 7:19:17 PM

KatsuMaru on
KatsuMaruOk then i wont colour it till youve inked it then :)

KatsuMaru on July 6, 2006, 9:50:18 AM

KatsuMaru on
KatsuMaruOkies so you can ink it tommorow then ill color it when i can find a pic of that girl :)

KatsuMaru on July 6, 2006, 6:01:05 AM

KatsuMaru on
KatsuMaruI know but it says something in german and it doesnt download it erm have you got any other pictures of her full outfit and are you inking it before i colour it sorry again have patience lol ! :)

KatsuMaru on July 6, 2006, 5:39:29 AM

KatsuMaru on
KatsuMaruokay so its the orange haired girl the only thing is i can only see abit of the picture and i cant download it as its in german have you got any other piccies of her and am i only colouring it once youve inked it? sorry lol! ^_^

KatsuMaru on July 6, 2006, 5:19:10 AM

KatsuMaru on
KatsuMaruOkies i got it nice pic by the way! what colours do you want it to be then ive never seen that girl before ^_^

KatsuMaru on July 6, 2006, 5:05:21 AM

KatsuMaru on
KatsuMaruHey can you do a new link it doesnt let me access it please :(

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