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Member Info
Mirokus Wife (self proclaimed morman wife) and all who say differently shall feel my wrath *mwahaha tackles Miroku and makesout with him*
Zolo is third place because Zolo has amazing sword skills and he looks really hot with no shirt on *falls asleep on Zolos chest*
Me: Its so warm
Zolo: What are you doing on my chest
Me: Sleeping why
Zolo: Come here *pulls me next to him and embraces me*
Ok Zolos third
O and what about Wolfwood you ask well hes number 2 between Miroku and Zolo
Wolfwood: WHAT Thats not possible how can I be below Miroku
Miroku: Because She likes me better thats how
Zolo: Who cares who she likes more
Me: *Still with Zolo* Will you guys stop fighting or ill make Zolo number 1 and you two will have to fight over who gets to be number 2
Miroku: But my love you wouldnt put me with that mangy Wolfwood would you *puppy dog face*
Wolfwood: Mangy who you callin mangy at least i dont wear a dress!
Miroku: Its NOT a DRESS Its a ROBE
*Miroku and Wolfwood start fighting*
Zolo: Hey Hoji you wanna go someplace more quiet?
Me: Sure why not um did you know that green hair REALLY freaks me out
Zolo: Really? i did not know that and yet you still put me at number 3
Me: Ya i know isnt it ironic *stares at Zolos hair* Ya know I was thinking of dying my hair green
Zolo: Really, well I say go for it you would look really good with green hair... Wait are you like obsessed with me
Me: well kinda but youre sooo hot and we like the same things and... you do like me dont you
Zolo: Yes yes of course I do its just I never met ANYONE like you before and well I I love you Hoji
Me: *dumbstruck* you WHAT wow ive never heard you say anything like that before *thinking* wow ok wow uh *still thinking*
Zolo: You do love me back dont you cause I meant what I said
Me: O I do love you Zolo I love you with all my heart *Zolo puts his arm around me and leans me down and kisses me just as Miroku runs up*
Miroku: WHOA what are you doing Hoji I thought you loved me *confused*
Me: *holding on to Zolo* yes i do but we dont have much in common and Zolo and I are like meant to be together ya know
Miroku: alright if you wanna be with him you can be but know this *looks at Zolo* Zolo she will come back to me eventually
Zolo: Ya right like she'd EVER go back to you come on Hoji lets go
Me: Coming Zolo-kun *jumps on Zolos back and falls asleep*

I really like sleeping so thats why I always fall asleep at the end of my little storie so ya


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Anime_Crazy_K-chan on February 2, 2006, 9:00:31 AM

Anime_Crazy_K-chan on
Anime_Crazy_K-chanAwwww for ME? I mean... erm... yes. Zoro. It was for me. *shifty eyes*

Sanji: Yay!

Zoro: ...


Zoro: ... did you just call me a grump?

.... Yes.

Zoro: *hits me with a sword*


Sanji: DON'T HIT K-CHAN YOU @#%&%^@()&@!!!!


mirokuforever on December 27, 2005, 3:23:48 AM

mirokuforever on
mirokuforeverO he wont find out Trust me =)
Zolo; Wont find what out *looks at profile pic* WHAT THE HELL WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT THAT STUPID CHEF!!!!!!!
Me; *tiny voice* I put it up there for christmas you know for the holiday spirit
Me: *more confidence* Well you dont look very good in a Santa suit so thats why I put a picture of Sanji up and I also did It for Crazy Anime K-chan
Sanji: And I like it you Stupid Swordsman
Zolo: WHAT DID YOU CALL ME *lunges at Sanji*

Oh and Zochie sure we can share him if you like cause I have tons of other bishies so I can share

Zochie on November 26, 2005, 8:11:50 AM

Zochie on
Zochiehiya! havint spoken to you in a while.but zoro is mine not yours!*steals him from you and steals your wedding ring* naw im just kiddin! but you can share right?*does puppy dog eyes* oh and sanji looks totaly shmexsy up there! *glomps him*

Anime_Crazy_K-chan on November 25, 2005, 9:31:56 AM

Anime_Crazy_K-chan on
Anime_Crazy_K-chanThank you. You just made my day ^^

Don't let Zoro catch ya with the 'stupid chef' though, eh?

Sanji: I'm not stupid!

I know. I'm making FUN of Zoro.

Sanji: Oooh. Ok. Ha. Stupid Swordsman.

Be nice.

Sanji: Fine.

=P lol fun

mirokuforever on November 17, 2005, 4:46:28 AM

mirokuforever on
mirokuforeverYes yes I know my profile pic ROCKS and Sanji looks SOO sexy
Sanji: But aint I ALWAYS sexy
Me: yes but you look even MORE sexy with just that christmasy coat on (dirty images flash in mind) with leather pants on of corse

Um I found them at

Anime_Crazy_K-chan on November 16, 2005, 8:27:51 AM

Anime_Crazy_K-chan on
Anime_Crazy_K-chan... *stares at your picture there*


That's awesome! I gotta find me one o' those!

Anime_Crazy_K-chan on November 13, 2005, 3:33:17 AM

Anime_Crazy_K-chan on
Anime_Crazy_K-chanYeah... the Zorro dude from the movies is why they changed his name to Zolo... but, im used to Zoro. But like Zoro said, it doesnt matter.

Yes. I am VERY obsessed with meh Sanji ^^
Sanji: Whoot.
=D *huggle*

mirokuforever on October 11, 2005, 7:26:17 AM

mirokuforever on
mirokuforeverman your as obsessed with Sanji as I am with Zolo (and I personally get confused when people spell his name Zoro cause I think its Zorro the mexican swordsman)
Zolo: and I dont really care how she spells it
Me: Ahh how sweet *Jumps on Zolos back*

Anime_Crazy_K-chan on October 11, 2005, 6:45:32 AM

Anime_Crazy_K-chan on
Anime_Crazy_K-chan0___0 Fan girls are scary.

Sanji: Fan girls are GREAT! =D

-__- You say that, of course.

Sanji: Aren't you a fan girl? 0-o


Sanji: And don't you stab people who pronounce Sanji 'Sonji'?


Sanji: And dont you yell at people you say 'Zolo'?

No, that's Patrick.

Sanji: Ah.

Wow. This was a long message. ... *glomps Sanji!* =D

mirokuforever on October 4, 2005, 5:21:00 AM

mirokuforever on
mirokuforeverand no you cannot have Zolo because its MY page thingy so I say wether or not someone is theirs *I just confused my self*

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