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hey me again yes i messed up the first 50 times
but heres my story again ^^ a sly cooper story
plz enjoy and forgive me ^^" hehehe....
i messed up the first time but i got this now
this is a sly cooper fan story enjoy
a story made by meh! No scandal! I suck at stories!
Well, not much more I can say! It's Sly Cooper Mad Libs XD
though clockwerk may be dead the secret of his hideout is yet to be revealed!
This is a story mostly about my OC's, but Sly, Bentley, and Murry all are here!
The next generation is here, and they have a dangerous and long heist to complete... This heist will change their lives, and they need wisdom, sneakyness, strenght and many other abilities, and most of all, a pack of worldclass thiefs.
Sly is out on a routine heist and some thing goes terribly wrong for the master thief.
Faking the lost of his memory, Sly came back to Paris as Constable Cooper, his new identity. He becomes a detective to protect the city. However, there will be a big change cause by a mysterious new character.
The story of how I (being Arpeggio) lived after Sly turned matters to Clock-La and after the horrid beating I took! A must for any real Sly Cooper fan! Enjoy!
great for Sly Cooper fans!!!!