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Im not the best writer.. But i enjoy it.

Note to the readers: I didnt at all intend for this to be a romance between Conix and Roxas.. It just kinda happened...
A girl captured by the Organization to use against Sora tries to escape.
This is my first attempt at a fan-fiction and I don't consider myself a good writer so help me by giving me constructive critsism please >.<
After the adventure to 'The World That Never Was' things were a little more exciting with Roxas and I. But the fun would really start in the not to distant future when Sora and Sky would return...
This story is with Roxas and Me. Roxas, Hayner and the gang, have been best friends with me for years. Sora and Sky(Choii) are in this story as well. But I don't meet up with them until later...
*The Story begins on a sunny Twilight town day.
Its a story that starts off at the end of kingdom hearts 2
and is basiclly about sora's heart being torn apart by light and dark. Pus anti-soraisms.I hope you enjoy and I apologize for all the spelling or grammer errors. ^__^
i can't really think of a title but enjoyed the crazy stroy i thogth up :D.
its about how one wish made three girl's lives changed...
While they were trying to record the REAL cutscenes, the SQARE company had quite a few outtakes...most of which were violent...
A story based in Castle Oblivion, also carrying themes of both KH1 and 2.
:P I know it's not great, but I love it so far. So be nice! Tell me if there are things I can fix up.
Sora Riku and Kairi must go on a new adventure to save the worlds. This time they encounter, not only the Heartless and Nobodies, but three knights and the Dark Key Chaser. Will the King have to take away the trio's Keyblades? 
a boring day on DI and the gang goes crazy..


kh2(c)square enix
coffee spitting(c)fairly odd parents(c) butch hartman
crash tag team racing(c)vivendi universal
[this is after the ending of my kh2 story]when ally & her ten friends get sent to summer camp,they plan to get out of camp & go straight to PortAransas to where there supposed to be insted of camp.but somewhere on the second day,they f
when a 15-year old girl named amy notices that something is not right in twilight town,she wants to find out whats worng,even if she moved to twilight town first day.but everynight she notices that something is lurking in the streets.until one day. . .
Sora meets a strange girl called a HeartChild, she seems to know something he doesn;t about the heartless. Can she help him Find his Friends? There is yoai.
Two years after Kingdom Hearts, Sora continues his journy when a new evil appears. The catch is, is it Riku?
A Made Up Story About Kingdom Hearts 2