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Flameandria. she's 1/2 Sayain and her father is Frieza, it goes through more of the story but the twist is, her magic caused her to go forward in time so when she's still young she's transported to the time when Vegeta is really old,
Vegeta and Goku go to the mall and Goku gets a cell phone..... poor Veggie.
This is my story. I was bored. This is for Tainted_Truffle. She deserves it for making me such a nice picture! :3
Goku has mastered his abilites and has many people by his side but evil rears it's ugly head
When Gohan's house is being renovaited for Bubonic Plauge, Chichi says he can stay at a friend's house for a few days. But Gohan only has 1 friend... GohanxVidel
 Read this, you might agree.
chibi trunks, goten, gohan and videl get sent to the Cell Saga! what craziness will the Z Fighters endure?! um...i dunno! slight GohanxVidel
Gohan, Videl, Bolma and Vegeta go to New-Namic in search of the purple star dragon balls to restore the planet after it is poisoned. But when they get there they find out the namics have been mutated and are deadly. But what will happen when vegeta is bit
the one who will fight for the ones she love Even for her son Kakkarot and Raditz
My first fic, basiclly Gohan joins Queen. Please R & R
I, Mrs Katie Way, have created a talkshow, in which I interview the characters from Dragon Ball Z...Chapter One: BROLY!
Cell absorbes android 17 and everyone's all like "WTF"
A funny parody of how I (Mrs Katie Way) thought the Cell Saga should've happened.
If you have never seen the Cell Saga, there may be spoilers, because I kept the real plot (That Toriyama-sama w
A tale of courtship
a fight with bulma leaves vegeta lonely

(my first songfic)
Vegeta Returns back home after two weeks since buu was defeated and has a talk to Bulma.
a random thought that i had one day in chem. i just thought that i would give it a try.
A hilarious fake chatroom featuring characters from DragonBall Z!
10 reasons to show you're infected with DBZ mania!
This isn't really a story, it's just for humor. This is some of the things my mom said when she was in the same room as me when I was watching DBZ. She said some pretty weird things...
THis is a story my friends and me are writing!