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Summary: An Ed, Edd, ‘n’ Eddy/Sailor Moon crossover. Takes place after the final episode of Season 5 and after Sailor Stars in the Manga. Spoilers from Season 5’s last episode and from Sailor Stars!!!
This story was popular on, so I thought I'd post it here.

Chapter 1
Read what happens when Ed is taken away from his beloved gravy
Comments plz
Whilst on their personal phone system, the Eds are struck by lightning and switch bodies. Will the Eds survive being each other? Will the other kids notice their strange behavior? Why am I asking you these pointless questions?
The last thing she saw was a soaring baseball. Now all she wants is to get home, but that is not going to prove easy with 4 witches behind her and the 3 boys to protect her. Please R&R!
The story about how three boys became best friends. Please read & review!
This is a story/poem from Edd's point of view! When you are done reading it, please review!
Rewritten, spell checked, and scab labourer free! Nazz throws a slumber party out in the woods, but some uninvited visitors come to ruin it. Reviews are appreciated!
Double D moves Away to Pear creek but something happenes an an Edifing ed-venture begins
Funny fic
Edd has made an MMORPG and persuades the neighborhood to join in. What chaotic adventures await the Eds in such a world?
(Kevin/Edd) Maybe the boys locker room isn't so awful after all.
An OC/Edd fic. The boys escape the Kankers by mere seconds, now they have to go undercover as a famous Band. Will it be a sucess or a total flop?
The Eds hatch a scam to relieve boredome in the cul-de-sac for a day. Will there be any survivors ;)?
An Ed Edd n Eddy fanscript.