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Kudos to AI Essay Writer for making essay writing less painful. Their AI is like having a personal writing coach. I input my ideas, and it transforms them into organized, coherent essays. It's boosted my grades big time!
Ok so I made this years ago. So read it and leave comments! Just not MEAN ones! NICE ones. o.o
'Cause. It's really old and what ever. o.o
Just A Simple Story, Hope You Like.
Tis another poem by moi.
People can seriously scare me...
Friends can get annoying sometimes...
Inspired more by a name then a person, really...
Feelings can be an unusual thing.
My thoughts have left me feeling lonely.
Well...guess what it means.
Boredome at it's finest..
A story about a dream I had...Thanks to rokusurfsword for helping me break through writer's block.
A poem about sprites. Ya know? Those little 2-D dudes living in your Gameboy?
I had found some poems I wrote a way long time ago. Decided to put em up here.
a song my freind wrote about the events in New was a school assignment but it turned out really well, so posted it
Just a poem i wrote when i was bored.
yet another song, written for my freind kohaku_the_blackwolf and her boyfreind xander or as i call him xie poo
another song but i accualy like this one^^\m/
reflection on the realationship with my mother and all wev been through in the 15 years iv been alive. its a song.
this is just a weird little poem i thought up and thought of posting...haha