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The Sanzo-ikkou are dared into a game of "I DARE YOU!" by the girs who call themselves the Saiyuki Girls! Who will come out the victor? Read on...
*btw I have posted this on before but this is the newer one cuz I've finished it!!! ^.^*
The Saiyuki boys are stopping off for a break in a hotel. But things never go according to plan for these guys, do they?

The first part! I'll get round to writing the second part, with actual action in it... soon. :3
NOTE: I dont own Saiyuki...duh! So this aint real...
DSCPTN: In my fanfic, Sanzo and Nuriko are 1/2 brother and sister. So i decided to write a story about their "mother" and why Nuriko is full blooded Youkai, and Sanzo 100% human...The story is tol
One day, Nuriko went to visit, Shyazo and Sanzo. Nuriko, is supposedly Sanzo’s long lost 1/2 sister. Shyazo is Sanzo’s “girlfriend”. Anyway, Nuriko tells Sanzo a "little" lie, and has CONVINCED Sanzo to let her teach him how to draw....

Looks like there will be new adventures for the 4 girls and Saiyuki gang! Read and find out!
Sanzo has finally reached his breaking point with the burden of everything on his shoulders becoming too much to take. Turning to the only person who has always been there for him...Wanting to forget everything, even if it is only for one night... Go
What if is jealous 'bout Gojyo and Hakkai?