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Summary: Their first kiss came as a surprise for both of them, but if you care to take a second look, maybe it wasn’t so surprising after all. GatriexShinon.
Dear comrades, this is my first English-language fic! Fanfiction about Rath’s bad day.
This is comedy.
Nina, a young shaman from Etruria, is suddenly thrust into an adventure with her best friends Selinia and Cadoc. She must solve the riddle of the Ruler of Darkness, as well as avoid being captured.
When Soren met Ike, it was the first time he ever felt like he belonged. Like he was home. Path of Radiance story.
Old scars hold lots of old memories. Path of Radiance, TibarnxReyson
Set the night after chapter 10 of FE7, but with a slight twist. One-shot
In the Heart of Life, every thing shines from the Miracle of the World... at last, a young warrior understands the magic of bonds, and, of the one uniting him to his brother-in-arm... [Eliwood x Hector] (implied Eliwood x Ninian and Lyn x Ninian)
After a busy morning of training, everyone needs the afternoon to just relax. (extremely fluffy, RathxWil)
A simple poem about Rath's involvement in Fire Emblem 7. The begining kinda sucks, but otherwise I like it!
(FE7) Nino has a nightmare, and it turns out that the best words of comfort may not be any words at all. JaffarNino
It's not really a story, it's a poem..It is written from the eyes of Prince Marth to his beloved General.. n_o I didn't know where to put it..hope it's okay.