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A poem about the Simpsons family playing dart. Do you remember Barts evil twin? (actually, Bart was the evil one, but whatever)
This is a story about what the Simpsons and the Terwilligers. And the rest you will have to find out......P.S. yes there is a conflict!
. . .
My 2nd poem dedicated to Eddie.
Just a fan-story.
A poem about a dream.
I really dreamed that dream in the night.
IT's a dream about Lou chan, Eddie san and me.
This poem is dedicated to Lou.
A poem dedicated to Eddie.
It's just a crime story.
One more poem.
This is a small "poem", dedicated to Officer Lou.
Not a story. Just a song I made up about Ralph (my favourite character )ages ago. It's in the tune of Avril Lavigne's my world and it's a Ralph Wiggum version of it.