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Follow Camille and Caye Xinnex on a daring adventure that leads to a power no Jedi or Sith have ever seen before...

STAR WARS copyrighted by Lucasfilms and George Lucas
Characters owned by me, thank you very much
In 119 ABY, thirteen year-old Alkyone, a half-Arhan, half-Chiss Mandalorian and her family leave their home-planet, Mandalore to go to Nar Shadda when her uncle, a Jedi named Hyperion said that they may be in danger if they stay on Mandalore.
If you haven't read my first STAR WARS story, I WOULD NOT read this one cuz you won't know what in the crap is going on!! This is a continuation of my first story

STAR WARS belong to George Lucas...NOT ME!! *I wish*
So this is the school for Jedi in traning...or starts out that way...
And its about My Star Wars OC, Elle & her friends!

-ok this obviously going to have starwarsy action in thats why the rating:)

comments are appreciated!!
This is the story of my OC Ash Chi and her twin sister Echo...
WARNING: If you can't stand the intense action...don't read this story!!
no the story!!!
These are the biographies for the two main characters of my upcoming Star Wars Fanfic, Trojo Spyps and Juno Zyel. The fic is currently untitled.
This is a short work about my Jedi character, Trojo Spyps. I'll add more every so often, until I decide to start a new fic altogether. Comments are welcome!
johnny is a chick and she found a fish and some mushrooms
My sith char remembering her past.