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This is a story between me and my friends and what happens when a few guys from Advent Children go to an Anime Convention with a bunch of girls...
*Note: there is a bit of Shipping b/w the characters, so if you don't like shipping...don't read*
Just a short oneshot I did of Nero having to buy Rosso tampons..
This is a breif extract from a Role Playing community that I am a member of. It's basically a follow on from the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children movie. Cloud Strife is once again in the driver seat of Avalanche in an attempt to save the world from the threat of ShinRa and destruction. This time he has new allies... and old enemies...
Rufus's Death, Reno beside him.
2 years after the events of final fantasy VII advent children, cloud travels as a semi-nomad delivery man. history is repeating itself and he gets stuck in the middle. again.
Just a Kadaj fic I wrote... lots of angst n' pain...and I'm more than willing to continue with it...
Vance. A teenager who's half blind & a bit clumsy with his gun. Discovers that he is diagnosed with GeoStigma. This is the story of what he went through.