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Side story from end of season one. While on a solo trip in future England, Yakumo time travels back to 1996 England. There she meets a native who happens to be an ancient hero’s descender.
A whole new adventure begins. This is the search for Mushra and on the way new allies from Enterra? Or from where?
Hey! Guess what today is! You DON'T know?! Shame, shame on you. I can't tell you just yet. It would ruin the surprise.
So who wants to ask our Shinzo characters questions and give them dares? I know I do. This your chance to torment, I mean, uh, learn more about our loveable friends.
Her friends and power were taken from her. She failed her mission and is to tired to go on. What happens when the Shinzo group finds her. Why does Mushra feel something strange about her? Why am I asking you all these questions when you can just read?!
Mushra's love for fighting has gone too far! Warning: Contains Spanking! Don't like? Don't read! Thank you.
Just a quick poem on how Mushra feels.this is my first one so please no flames!
Yakumo doesn’t understand why Mushra fights so much so she wants to find out why but he won’t tell her. So she ends up going back in time some how to when he was only a chibi before he got the jewel that lets him hyper form.
mushra was alone after a dear friends death. will he never get over it. or will a suprise come and help him out.
the Cedrians have found out who Mushra really is and plan on useing him to free Lanancuras. can Yakumo, Sago, Kutal and his past freinds and famerly save hime befor it is to late.
Could Mushrambo and Yakumo have something going on? Could Sago and Binka have something going on- is Mushra lonely- read to find out!
Hahaha.Lets watch Baby-Good-Mushrambo save Enterra.