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S.A.U., the super powered animals of the universe band to together to defend the universe from the threat of evil. But what if one person had an unawakened power that could upset that?
Gift fic for a friend on dA. It's the story of the century and Doug wants to get to the bottom of it. Unfortunately, his interviewees would much rather drive him insane.
Everything is fine. Until Danny, and his friends go the the market. Strange things begin happening in all different worlds. What will happen to the worlds, and the people that live there?
Sum: Kimiko (my OC), abandons her group. However she meets up with five new, cartoon "misfits". Can they work together and save Kimiko's friends' old worlds? Rated T for gore, language, and that stuff.
Someone destroyed the Earth,
Someone destroyed their lives,
Someone's gonna pay.
Someone had better be watching their Back.
Zim needs a date for the dance and asks Mandy. But Billy wants to take her out! And the villain is...Cupid? PLEASE R&R NO FLAMES! Thank you.
Re-did from also Grim makes a portal to Zim's world, as Billy gets into it...choas starts! Will be a squeal. R&R AND NO FLAMES!!! Shouldn't be long.
Here's a short vers.
Danny fills in for Chip. But after the concert, he gets kidnapped! No SB in it. R&R and NO FLAMES! Requested from
Timmy takes his friends to a CS gig. But when the pop star brakes his leg, Danny has to fill in. Another thing...Danny can't sing! Will SB take place? R&R, NO FLAMES!!!
A re-made story I did on FF.Net. Otto Rocket goes into the Avatar world and meets a certain girl he likes. COUPLES INSIDE! NO FLAMES AND PLEAZ REVIEW!!!
When worlds collide, Jenny Wakeman and Danny Fenton meet! It first starts as hate, friendship, How can this effect on their friends and family? And what is this war about robots and ghosts? Please R&R!!! FINISHED
sorta winxish and avatarish
You know the Nicktoons Unite and 2....but you forget the part between that! Jimmy, Timmy, SpongeBob, Danny, Aang, Truman, Snap, Jenny, Zim, and Mr. Blik must save their worlds from their villains! Please R&R.
What if a ninja of Konoha goes to the NYC and befriends the american dragon. Has my own OC. I don't own Naruto or ADJL.(American Dragon)
ya a Christmas fic. so you know there are a few new shipping's in this one.
new things:
and a special couple
My Bart and Lisa Xiaolin Showdown Pardoy and that's it.
A Crossover story with Jimmy Neutron, Danny Phantom, Fairly Oddparents, and Invader Zim. Read to find out!
The sequal to "The Fairly Odd Phantom". Vicky wants revenge on Danny for stealing her job so she teams up with all of Danny's enemies to get revenge.
A Fairly Oddparents/Danny Phantom crossover story. Crocker rounds up all of Danny's enemies and uses them to take over Fairy World. It's up to Timmy Turner and Danny Phantom to save Fairy World!