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     This Chapter briefly outlines the events that happen in less than twenty years leading up to the First chapter.
Summary: What if Yuna and guardians left Tidus in Luca what would Tidus Do
I was thinking of this one for month i just have been getting lazy so it took me a while
This is a little Funny song I made up from Bohemian (sp??) Rhapsody including the Final Fantasy Characters, Micki, and her friend Tasha. Hope you enjoy it!!
This is one of those "get sucked into a game" stories. It is my first fanfiction so have pity on me. Tell me exactly what you think of it.High spoilers, moderate violence, and maybe some language.
If Tidus and Yuna had a son, what would he write about in his journal?
The third in the Chibi FFX series, which has stopped even having chibiness in it :O
I thought up a bunch of lyrics from the different songs from X and X-2 and put them together as a poem. I really like how it turned out. ^^
A young Blitzball player falls into a new world after experiencing a life defying fall, but this new world lacks something from the world he had just fallen out of. It lacks summoners but has a world full of Sin!
First fic tell me what u think
Poems dedicated to Final Fantasy X in hope to show the game's true meaning. Please review!
This is my first fanfic and it short and I tried so don't think that it is stupid please I'm a drawer not really a writer and I just wanted to try