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Scenarhealth com know the pain is that unpleasant sensation which no one else could describe it except the one who is suffering from it. Neuropathy
Ray's younger brother has to come to terms with the fact that he falls in love so quickly with a man that will never love him back.
Just a small fic where the four are watching a movie! But that movie shouldn't have been watched. Yes, their watching .... Charlie and the Chocolate factory.
My opinions on the boys elemental qualities
yes its the ray quiz.

uh well its the ray quiz.its basik.
Yes..a list of ways to know you're utterly obsessed with Pienemien's Ray (You get a free cookie if you join the club!).
It's four poems really, one about Ray, one about Mike, one about Matt, and one about Ryan. I hope you like it!! I write better than I draw.. Hehe