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Is this about a technique for reforming delinquints? It is a dubious joke about homosexuality? Nope, it's just a nice moment between Numbuh Two and his crazy new friend, Laura Limpin!
about what the main characters: 1,2,3,4 and 5, and some others, would never say.
wintergreen and the other super powered elves from NAUGHTY are back. Mind controlled by the DCFDTL but wintergreen snaps out of it and then a one way love occurs...
Here we go again. Accidentally deleted first on, so here it is, again. Still working on Chapter 2.
read title 11 times. Repeat.
2nd 3/4 story! yay!
this one involves swimming and a bit of a slight tragdedy (cant spell) to numbuh 3!
After an ordeal at the carnival, Laura Limpin becomes attached to Numbuh Two, taking him home with her. This is of course an exercise in diplomacy, given her alterego, the Big Badolescent...but is the inventor boy the one to soothe the savage beast?