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Just A Slight Frankie X Herriman story

rated mild sex for kissing
What if Ben never found the Omnitrix,what if it never landed in Ben's part of the cartoon world.

What landed in the Foster's backyard?
this was the first fanfic I ever wrote and one of my favourites. it got good reveiws over at so I'm hopeing you folks over here will do the same.
This story was inspired by my baby sister. You can guess how.
April Fools! It's not april, you silly gooses!
Frankie and the gang decided to go on a road trip, but something went wrong. Read and find out what happened!
This is My first Fanfiction The Rabbit And The RedHead

Two Zany events put into motion The Getting Together of a Certain RedHead and Lopp

I am of course talking about Frankie And Heriman

and sorry for any bad spelling
What did Frankie Almost Say After I... before Herriman left Foster's after losing the presidency to her what was she trying to say? Here's how I thought That episode should have ended
This is what i thought Herriman was thinking about in the pilot eppie before Duchess almost got adopted it is A Flashback story also partly a Frankie Herriman slight romance story
Do you watch too much Foster's?
Willy Wonka mixed with Foster's! Wilt is Willy Wonka, Bloo is Violet, Mac is Charlie, Terrence is Mike Teavee, Coco is Veruca, and Eduardo is Augustus. The Scribbles are Oompa Loompas!
Eduardo spends time away from Foster's after Bloo upset's him, But when Eduardo returns his changed in many ways