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At times the pain can become a cause of immense worry. 
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Sonic and friends escape from the circus and our favorite speedster and his pals become spellcasters at a magic school.
In a modern age forces of evil have teamed up to wreak havoc in the world. A new force must band together and stop them. A Multi-verse cross-over.
Grace Bio-Labs manufactures the ONCYTE® brand of thin film nitrocellulose slides, the substrate of choice for protein microarrays. protein arrays
It's real.
"The Climber", just rescued a cyborg girl labeling "CR015" or "Rae`". Now she''s in his debt for saving her life, and the adventure begins!

Rated 12+ for cartoon violence and crude humor and mild blood.
Okay I''m going to make profiles about different people,comics, movies,or just make them up.
Can''t write a good enough summary without giving the story away. So just read and review.
=^^=this iz about the awsomest non-manga comic i eva read!Its called black blood alliance..* * actuality,the main character iz sorta Swiftkill,but this fanfic is about Bloodspill,my all time fav!=^^=
Since the chapter counter doesn't want to show 150 and above, this fic is a continuation of "The Next Guardian." It's going to start with Issue 151. Thanks everyone!
This is my original story and copyrighted Lanzor CF cell fighters read and enjoy
This is deticated to all those people who are vegetables now, or have family or friends and just won't let them move on.
The Main story of the Comic. Dont take the storyline please. But just so you know, I am the original creator of it.