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alchemest1 on October 23, 2018, 10:06:25 PM

alchemest1 on
alchemest1Roukyou sht quietly as he contemplated the concerns brought up. Eyes flicking yo the Lord Second he could feel the man studying their dynamic. He half smiled. He would do the same if he found himself in such a situation. 
Roukyou splayed his fingers on the small table and looked back you Yuji. "I would agree with you. We can not risk something happening to you for being the tie for the Lord Second. Your idea to lay low for the time being is sound. Though I would suggest while there not just strategizing,  but using your summons and other resources to seek out someone to perform the rebirth as you suggested. Sadly I am not well enough connected to suggest many options. 
Provided you think you can trust your contact at the place you intend to hide. I see no reason for you to risk yourself needlessly. I believe Lord Sixth would concur on that even if he doesn't agree with our method." 
Cracking his neck Roukyou sighed and flicked the ash from the cigarette he still held studying the glowing tip. "I suppose I should stay where the possible action is. I may not be as good as I once was, but I can still be of use, and could possibly provide counsel to others. What good is a Dog of War if not in a place to be utilized. No offense intended to you Yuji as your current situation leads to prudence in laying low. I do not doubt your use of you were to stay."
Roukyou shifted mildly uncomfortable knowing full well the feelings Yuji had on usefulness.

alchemest1 on October 4, 2018, 12:54:04 AM

alchemest1 on
alchemest1Roukyou pulled out another cigarette and lit it taking this one slow. Reaching over he filled Lord Seconds cup and Yuji's cup with Sake before hovering it over his own for a moment then setting the bottle down leaving his own empty as he had already drank more than was prudent. 

"I have been in many wars and not to be arrogant or presume lack of ability in Lord Second, but yes more than even Lord Second. The tactics used always depend on the battle at hand. What may seem prudent to one may seem lax or imprudent to another. You bring a good point and one worth considering. The cubs of the village would be well worth teaching and recruiting to the cause for their own sake and sake of the future, but without sound foundations of old brick and stone I fear it would crumble. We need some of those before us and some of those in our generation besides ourselves to become that foundation. Without it we are two pebbles trying to support a new tower. We will last only so long before everything we built tumbles down. I believe possibly a two pronged attack would be best. We recruit the foundations and with their aid we send some to the younger generation to for lack of a better term preach the need and shaping of the progress that is made. We will not win the young demanding we return to the old ways. We instead must send the old to strengthen what is new and help mold it on experience. The other prong will be to gain influence with those of power through show of numbers. Bring in people like Lord Sixth and others. Lord Sixth os a man of the time of war. He may have resigned and gave this world to the youngergenerations, but surely even he sees that there is still need for what those now in charge are blind to." Deciding to pour himself another cup of tea Roukyou sighs and sips it. "Besides. Given Lord Sixth is at our door physically speaking I don't see we have much choice. We will either convince him or become fugitives for what was done here. We have little choice and less time. Though I don't believe Lord Sixth found his way here by chance. Fate has a way of working itself out to fulfill its design. Same as I dont feel I was here by chance."

alchemest1 on October 3, 2018, 10:23:59 PM

alchemest1 on
alchemest1Roukyou sipped his tea as he gathered his thoughts feeling more at ease now that the pain had subsided. He was grateful for the courtesy of the Lord Second and found he felt comfortable with the man despite the situation of his arrival. 
Roukyou set the cup down but didn't let go of it instead rolling it between his fingers as he began haltingly.
"Lord Second. I can speak of my own opinion and I am sure it coincides with Yuji-san's, but it is my observations and opinions. I defer to his plan and I believe we are on the same page, but it is yet to be seen if we agree on all points. We have in the past clashed mildly in the realms of right and wrong when it came to the village. Time and repetitive nature of history has tempered my earlier rashness.
I believe you are correct. It is a matter of manpower and influence. Those in charge now hold high honor and influence and rightly so. They are... heroes ... of the villages and of the war, but they are on a plane of there own. They in my opinion have lost sight of the reality of the world. Blinded by the taste of victory and success. They are young, though much is young in my perspective. They see only the now and have a glittering mirage on the future that tells them it will remain this time of peace forever now that they have accomplished their great deeds. Those in the village take their que from their leaders and celebrate and revel in this time of peace and prosperity. I will not deny that that is what this is. It is what it is and is well deserved after the trials this world has been put through.
Those of us that have been around long enough or are products of war and battle aren't quite  as blinded to the truth. Call us the sharingan of the village of you will. We see through the illusion that is built. We keep our fingers on the pulse of the village and know that just because all is well now that it wont stay this way. I believe we can get others to see this, but we need others of influence to help us in this. I am not originally of this village as is concerned to those now living and Yuji while known doesn't hold as much sway as would be needed. In my opinion Lord Second. The reason I allowed Yuji to commit to this path is because like him. I believe you are a realist. You know the harshness and reality of life. It is never fixed. I believe that of we get a few to accept you as back for the moment and side with us we will be able to advise and dispel the illusion the leaders are under. 
I am not saying inhibit progress. They have made many modernifications, but I think we should include militant and defensive modernifications as well. 
I am old and slow to changes, but I can see progress needs made or we grow stagnant and die. I just want the proper progress made instead of progress for progresses sake."
Looking up from his cup Rokyou looked into the Lord Second's eyes unflinching.
"If truth be told I believe a good start to the recruitment would be Lord Sixth Kakashi. He has always been a voice of reason and a mentor to Lord Seventh. What powers be seen to have delivered him to our very door step. I say we not spit on such a gift."
A half smile played on Roukyou's lips as he sat back a bit.
"As to my abilities. Well, I will admit I may have overdone it a bit tonight. I pulled out all stops, but if I tone it back i am quite capable of facing anything thrown against me. I am sorry you saw me at a weakened state Lord Second. I have had nothing to keep myself in line for. Now I do and my discipline which lapsed is resolved. You will not see such weakness again unless the nature of a situation calls for me to push myself beyond for the needs of the village or those that need protected."

alchemest1 on October 2, 2018, 12:46:44 AM

alchemest1 on
alchemest1Roukyou had sat listening to the Lord Second and Yuji, his head throbbed and his body burned from the residual efforts of his abilities, but he didn't let this keep him from taking in every word. He clenched his hand around the sake cup nearly hard enough to break it and his jaw clenched a muscle twitching in his cheek as he endured. He allowed his eyes to go out of focus simply letting the words wash over him. That was all he needed. He had perhaps overdone it popping that many chakra supplements. 

When the Second addressed him again his eyes snapped back into focus and trained on the man. He gave a half smile as he bowed his head low. Of course Lord Second had sensed his discomfort and malady. What else had he expected. 

Rokyou pulled a rather thickly rolled cigarette from his front pocket and using the same Jutsu Yuji had used for the candles lit the tip and took a long pull ashing nearly half the length before holding it in for a long moment. Slot his body relaxed and the fire and pain began to drain away.  With a soft sigh he let some of the smoke curl from the corners of his mouth before letting the rest out in rings away from the present company.
"You are generous Lord Second. I have been told these aren't the most pleasant of scented and despite my keen nose I have become rather blind to the scent. 
I am glad you will honour us with your assistance. I may be and old fox, but I can appreciate your wisdom all the same. Give me a few moments to recover from my self abuse and I will be ready to do as you need."
Roukyou finished the cigarette and took a cup and poured some tea sipping it as he awaited.
Kakashi winced and gave a soft shake of his head trying to clear the last of the genjutsu that had been flashing things through his mind. If this had been Yuji's work he would have to have a talk with the man about his more than suitable adeptnes. The darkness he still couldn't shake. He stood rooted unwilling to move and possibly trigger anything else. As he considered how to end his ensnarement he jumped as the darkness coelesed into a form he recognized. His eye widened and his mouth opened in surprise beneath his mask as the image of the Second Hokage appeared before him. Was this another part of the genjutsu? It had to be the Lord Second had been put back to rest. Surely... he froze and ground his teeth before echoing slow and loud. "Yuji" he spoke aloud to no one in particular. 
He studied the image and started when the image spoke. The message made him blink. No I'll to the village? Edo Tensei Jutsu had been used from the appearance of it. A taboo of monstrous and even treasonous proportions. Rubbing the back of his head Kakashi pondered. If Lord Second was truly here. It would be in his own best interest to wait ind find out what was going on before drawing any conclusions. An explanation was at least needed. He knew Yuji. He didn't know him as well as others, but he knew that in the long run Yuji had only ever shown loyalty and respect to the village and gone out of his way to uphold it and defend it. Surely he could let at least an explination be given. Sighing he let his head slump into his chest. "All I wanted to do was read my book. How do I manage to get myself into these things. The paperwork alone is going to keep me from my books for another week. "

alchemest1 on September 21, 2018, 12:26:47 AM

alchemest1 on
alchemest1Rokyou felt the eyes of the Second linger on him as he addressed Yuji. Roukyou folded his hands on the table as he listened to Yuji outline his reasons and explanations. He did so plainly. A thing Roukyou thought the wisest course of action. Upon his completion both friends sat awaiting the judgment of Lord Second. Roukyou took the cup served him and sipped.
Kakashi stood stretching. The long stent fielding paperwork was not his thing and he still had mountains of it despite no longer being the one in charge. Stealing a glance at the stacks on the desk he sighed before wandering casually to a window. 
Looking out he took a deep breath of the fresh air and smiled beneath his mask. A few moments break couldn't hurt. He hadn't gotten to read one of his books in a long while and Jiraiya had left him a box full upon his death and he had been itching to dig into it. 
Looking both ways the coast seemed momentarily clear of any aids or assistants. He leapt out the window and across the rooftops.
Settling upon the top of the ear of his own likeness on the Hokage Monument he reclined and opened his book with a lusty sigh and an almost giddy expression. 
He had only been reading a few moments when something tugged at his attention. Looking down he stared at the city unsure what was bothering him. A feeling. Something not quite right. Watching for a moment he saw nothing. With a shrug he returned to his book.
A few minutes later he sat up straight. He had felt it. A pulse. A deep designating thrum of chakra. His head whipped around and he stared avidly at a section of town now nearly abandoned. 
Standing he stowed his book away and stared. This section of the village was little used. If anyone were to try anything it would be the perfect place to work without drawing attention if he hadn't been relaxed and open to the city around him he wouldn't notice either. 
Scanning the section of city he went through a mental map recalling the buildings that had once stood there. His brow raised as he thought. The old library. Did we remove everything of value from it?
Dashing down his own head he leapt making his way quickly to the city.
It was near dark between the remains of the buildings. Power had never been restored to this area and Kakashi pulled a kunai holding it lightly. He crept to the edge of the abandoned library. Nothing seemed amiss. Stepping closer he stopped and visibly sagged in relief. There was chakra at work here, but he recognized it in an instant. It was that Yuji guy. The one obsessed with practice and that had been trained shortly by the Lord Third. Putting his hands in his pockets he stepped forward and froze. A swirl of leaves and suddenly he found himself in total darkness. 
The last thing he thought before the thoughts and images began was.
"What the hell is Yuji doing here?"

alchemest1 on September 19, 2018, 11:20:25 PM

alchemest1 on
alchemest1Roukyou stiffened at being addressed and lifted his eyes to the Lord Second. He wiped his nose with the back of his hand and gritted his teeth fighting to control the energies locking the extra power from the Kekkei genkai away behind the barriers. It strained, but with a shudder and a panted breath he held it firm. With a flash not usual to a clone's disappearance the four clones reinforcing the walls suddenly ruptured from their middles. Spinning balls of Chakra growing for a moment inside them the sound of them bursting making Roukyou wince. The excess chakra had to be purged or he would have died. 
Roukyou pulled himself together in time to hear the Lord Second ask for his tale first. Casting a side long look at Yuji Roukyou stepped forward and took the cushion offered him. 
"Yes, Lord Second. I am Roukyou Eko-itami. Not a clan most would know. To be honest I don't know if any of my clan exist aside me. The clans true name is lost with the ages and I chose the new name to commemorate their passing across the ages. 
I was there at the celebration when the Gold and Silver Brotherhood attacked and I fought in the First war on the side of the leaf. I attended your memorial and gave council to the Lord Third before taking my leave of the village. 
I have lived to see you and your brother's vision for the creation of the hidden villages. I have served nearly all of them."
He reached abscently brushing fingers along the metal plates sewn to the shoulders of his coat. 
"I have fought in all the wars on various sides and I will not try and deceive my Lord in saying it was always on the side of the Leaf, but in this last war I fought on the side of your people for the good of your people For a people I have come to care for and think if as my own. You know I am from before the villages, but I have come to regard this place as my home."
Looking the second in the eyes Roukyou clenched a fist fighting back his pain, but kept speaking.
"As Yuji-san has stated. We are both those who have devoted our lives to the protection of this village. Your village. We now have peace, but with it has come a complacency we both fear. Call us old dogs of war, but we know peace is the temporary state. There must always be balance and despite what this new generation of leaders think. Balance is not always pretty or gentle. We seek your counsel.  This old Kitsune begs your wisdom and guidance. Yuji-san had the courage to do what he felt needed doing for the sake of the village. This old kitsune was to complacent and it took him to open my eyes to the need Lord Second. I am old and as a cub I abused by power and now I pay the price for it. I fear I may not be strong enough to protect this village I call home from what may come. I try my best, but counseling is something those that seek wisdom must be humble enough to admit they need. I beg you Lord Second. Please guide us."
Bowing his head Roukyou feel silent his body trembling as the pain mounted. He longed for his cigarettes, but didn't dare in the presence of the Lord Second. 

alchemest1 on September 19, 2018, 5:58:26 PM

alchemest1 on
alchemest1Roukyou sagged back as the Zetsu was pulled into the mirror. The mirror suddenly exploded. Shards of glass sliced through the air. Raising an arm he felt the glass strike his oiled canvas coat. As it sure sided he peeked out. Yuji stood slightly worse for ware, but safe. Roukyou sighed in relief. The seal had worked. He had been concerned it wouldn't fool the Shinigami. 
Yuji stood stiffly in the middle of the room staring. Roumyou followed his gaze and eyes widened a small curse under his breath as his eyes found the form standing cross armed there. The Second stood there in all his glory. 
Roukyou went to one knee and bowed his head. Out of the corner of the eye he watched as Yuji slid the kuni with the control scroll to the Seconds feet. Roukyou felt the heavy gaze pressing down on them both. Holding his breath he gave a shudder. He wished he could get another cigarette, the pain was starting to get unbearable. Perhaps he had overdone it a bit. Blood dripped slowly from his nose. He waited for the Lord Second to speak. This was Yuji's rodeo.

alchemest1 on September 19, 2018, 12:51:32 AM

alchemest1 on
alchemest1Roukyou watched as the jutsu seemed to progress smoothly at first. He allowed himself a moment to think this might go off without a hitch, but his luck wasn't strong enough. The Zetsu began to jerk and resist. Roukyou lerched onto a knee, but as he did Yuji seemed to regain control. 
Roukyou knelt tense his already aching body screaming at the tension.  He watched eyes fixed on the two as the battle of will took place. The sudden bursting of the casket from the earth made him cover his eyes, when he looked back he realized the trouble. The Zetsu had ensnared Yuji. The roots spreading across the floor. Roukyou gasped as the room suddenly went dark and the air grew as cold as the grave. He couldn't see it, but he knew the Shinigami was there. Cursing he knew he only had moments. The Zetsu was molding itself and pressing into Yuji. If it did so there would be no saving him. Roukyou shot a hand forward stabbing the tip of his kunai into one of the roots tearing away a small chunk. Careful not to let the putty touch him he pulled out the parchment and stabbed the blade through the center of the seal mark. With a flick he sent the blade flying into the Zetsu's back hoping it would be distracted in its attempt to merge with Yuji. The kunai struck between the barely protruding shoulders making a sick sucking noise. 
Roukyou snarled and barked. Fūinjutsu: Shadowed mirror prison! The mirror across the room glowed with the same blue light that the seal had. A small vortex of blue energy formed over its surface rippling the glass like water and the bit of exposed Zetsu began to sluff off and into the vortex appearing in the mirror floating behind it's surface. Slowly the Zetsu began to be pulled back it's essence tied to the seal with the bit he had stabbed to the parchment and the seals drawn in chakra infused blood strengthening the seal. 
Roukyou held his breath still on one knee where he had thrown the blade. Would it be enough or would it be to little to late. His hope was the seal would pull Zetsu from Yuji body and essence and straight into the arms of the waiting Shinigami. If not, then at least it would be sealed in the mirror. 

alchemest1 on September 18, 2018, 11:35:57 PM

alchemest1 on
alchemest1Roukyou nodded grimly his mouth a thin line. Cracking his neck he pulled out his own scrolls. Trusting to the fact Yuji would know he was all in he began his own preparations. Not that he didn't trust the defenses set up by his friend, but because he knew the problamatic situations the Zetsu could bring about. Pricking his finger on the tab of each seal he pulled from their lengths a few implements of his own. First... a bottle of strong liquor. Taking a swig he set it aside before pulling on a long black trench coat with the metal plates from every ninja village he had served sewn onto the shoulders. All but the Leaf's had deep lines etched through their symbols. He wasn't going to do this as a member of any village. He was doing this as Roukyou Eko-itami the Wander of Lands. Adjusting the cuffs he pressed his bleeding thumb to a second and third scroll. The first contained a bottle of chakra pills. Opening the top he closed his eyes and braced for the pain. With a whispered word he loosed the hold on his kekkie genkai and felt the chaos of chakra flow through him. His head throbbed and his nose began to trickle blood. He coughed and spat into a dusty corner where blood mingled with the spittle. Tilting the bottle he let six or so pills fall into his mouth. If it weren't for the regenerative properties of his kekkie genkai this would surely kill him. He had discovered this improbable situation some 112 years before during a very dark moment on a battlefield he had wished to die on. Since he would use this abuse to his body as a way to drastically increase his power for a time. 
He winced as he felt his body react to the massive influx. His body burned as every nerve was seared by the chakra burning through him. His eyes widened and he gasped gritting his teeth, blindly he reached for the liquor and downed the rest of the bottle before tossing it away to shatter in the same corner he had spat. 
Closing his eyes he focused his mind and tried to force some order on the raging chaos inside him. After a moment he succeeded enough to carry on. His breath still raged he pressed his finger to the third and his familiar Faus the small fox appeared. If she was curious of her surroundings or going ons she didn't seem to show it. Roukyou leaned down whispering into her ear. After a moment the Fox bowed low and with a swirl of leaves vanished. 
Roukyou groaned and stood swaying a bit. Pulling another cigarette from a pocket he walked to the mirror. Circling behind it lifting it from where it leaned. With blood he drew a complicated set of markings on the back pulling out a small strip of parchment he drew an identical set on it and pressed a carefully detailed thumbprint onto the corner of each. For a moment each set glowed blue before fading. He slipped the parchment into his pocket and wandered to a spot against the wall. Closing his eyes he muttered a jutsu. Appearing one after the other four replica of himself stepped over placing their palms against the barrier and began reinforcing it their eyes closed. 
Roukyou slid down the wall pulling two kunai from his belt. From his pockets he slapped a couple of tags onto their hilts and held them on a finger in each hand. A half smile ghosted his lips his face hidden in the half light of the space. He looked up just as Yuji finished. Whatever happens happens. This was it. 
Roukyou clenched his fists around the hilts as he heard the final Summoning jutsu.

alchemest1 on September 18, 2018, 6:09:41 PM

alchemest1 on
alchemest1Roukyou sighed and reaching for the sake cup poured a second shot. With a flick of the wrist he downed it and grimaced. Setting the cup back down he ran a hand through his hair and rubbed the back of his head cracking his neck as he did. 
Looking back at Yuji as he sipped his tea he studied the shinobi before reaching up and undoing his hitai-ate with one hand and laying it on the table. Then standing he removed his vest folding it and and placing it next to the hitai-ate. Looking  back at Yuji he gave a slight bow.
"You answered my questions and I can not argue with your line of though. I will assist you, though not as a jonin of the village. I have turned a blind eye to many things that should be illegal in the name of protecting the village. I suppose this is just one more thing."
He looks down and gives a dark chuckle. "Here I go again. Returning to my 'roots' as it were."
As an after thought Roukyou reaches out and takes the rest of the bottle of sake.
"So, I suppose I am in this."



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