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Well, this is actually a poem that goes with the story I have posted right now call "Ice and Snow" if you can guess who's thoughts the poem dictates I will give you a pat on the back as well as some rock candy. ^_^ Please review and check out my story too
Umi,Hikaru and Fuu are back from their second trip from Cephiro,then after avoiding for a while Fuu and Hikaru,Umi decidesto meet with them,thouse three go to Tokyo Tower,and then they came into Cephiro again! CLEF AND UMI LOVE STORY!
Fairytales were never meant to have happy endings, they're warning of the past. Hidden in Cephiro's past is a deadly secret, whatever does happen to those who fail the Test? Where do they go,what becomes of them,what vengence do they seek?