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This is a story written by me and Crazywhitegirl13, using the original RuroKen characters along with our OC''s
My take on Kenshin and Hiko's first week as apprentice and master. Covers the events in Tsuiokuhen and manga volume 12.
the story is call 21 frist century knehsin.this is a story when kenshin is 19 and kaoru is 18. i wrote this story to see what would happen is kenshin and kaoru meet different and kaoru would be if she helped kenshin 6 years ago.
months after Makoto shishio's death. With some new charecters, drama and a new story inside rK invented by me! In chapters...
How did Yumi met Shishio? A fic subject you've seen before, a fic you haven't seen in your life n___n
This is about the love between Kenshin and Kaoru after Kenshin died.
Set during episode one of the anime. Kaoru takes a moment to wonder where a simple rurouni would get such a brutal scar. Please read and review!
Just a quick one-shot of Kenshin dealing with his first assassination... and starting to realize (if not understand) the consequences of his choice. Please Review!
The Gaurdian duo known as Katana and Hiei have a challenge to face? Did the two finally meet their match when the red-headed Kenshin appeared on the scene in the middle of a demon fight? I know this has Hiei in it, but the main man in this entire thi
A poem on Kensin and his nightmares.
Kenshin is having a bad hair day. Between fires, mosquitoes, soup, and dare I say it... paint. Everything imaginable has happened to poor Kenshin’s hair.
How To Open Up A Bottle Of Corked Sake
How The Kenshin-gumi Would!
Done by prompting from Verg, which was recieved long, long ago. An interesting pairing with an interesting outcome. Sort of, lol.
When at night he goes to sleep, what does Kenshin dream about? Is it a reality--a waking dream, or is it simply a concoction of his own imagination.
i can't really explain it but it's a joke for Keidolya. but it's funny
This is one of my many fics i started and havent finished if any1 likes it ill continue to write it. If i can I'll put my pics that go with the story on. hope some1 enjoys this... comment plz!