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When Willy Wonka realizes he needs some extra help, due to Charlie's schoolwork and Oompa Loompas who are much too busy, he hires an assistant, who he finds to be much more.
Who are you? Verca? Charlie? Mike? Take this quiz to find out!
Are you familer with the know your stars skit on all that? Heres the same thing except it has the CATCF cast! PLEASE READ!!! ITS FUNNY!!!
Crossover (kinda). I did this for fun. No Mary Sue intended. No romance will occur. I wanted to know how I'll react to meeting Willy Wonka in person.

So yeah. It's me in there along with another character of mine.
+Slash Ficcy+

This is my first Charlie(older)/Willy fic and it is also the ficcy that i wrote to go along with my 'Sweet as Candy' picture that is on here.

Any comments are welcomed AND appreciated!
On the turn of Charlie’s twelfth birthday, a new threat to the factory arises. Charlie learns how important a friend can be. Wonka learns how difficult mentorship can be. Wonka/Charlie friendship, non-slash. Wonka/OC.
Violet is going to Australia to visit her grandma, and bumps into Mike at the airport. Mike feels like he’s ready to tell Violet how he feels about her but is for once scared of something. Rejection. Then, Violet goes to Mike's for dinner. What are t
Dear People of the World, We, Random Fangirls, have decided to allow mobs of Obsessive teenage girls rewrite Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. In short...the story is screwed. Based of 2005 movie. (Written by me and a Friend)
~Mr. Wonka proves that our destinies are only what we make them~ One-shot.