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SEQUEL TO IRIS. After her mamodo sacrifices its chance to be king by bringing Sherry Belmont back to life, Selina searches for Brago with the girl. After finding the mamodo, Selina stays with them, much to the demon’s dislike. However, they find her useful for moral and physical support during battles- and for a friend outside of them. Little do they know, she has a perfect reason to travel with them- revenge on a certain mamodo.
ONESHOT SONGFIC. Brago and Sherry love each other though neither admit it. But when Sherry is wounded in battle, they confess in her final hours. BragoSherry.
There's a new girl in town who might not be a girl at all. A human when with Kiyo, a mamodo when with Zatch. She's Mamodo #101, and Sherry and Brago want her.