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This is a sad one shot. This is when Iceshadow dies. Foxfur's point of veiw.
Iceshadow's loved one, Foxfur's, point of veiw as he morns his mate.
It has been many moons since Fireheart became leader. Fireheart is now an elder, and Cloudstar succeeds him as clan leader. But there is a dark secret lurking in the depths of the forest ...
Blackkit/paw has a long history... A long painful history, and when trouble comes to the forest, it must be revealed.

"A danger will come to the forest...And it will be stopped only by your blood."
3 new clans rise to power after the destruction of the others. The problems, war, and death they face might cause a defeat unimaganable to any cat, from a Starclan hunter to a Fireclan kit.
This is for a book i'm writing. All ideas are mine, and if you use them i WILL hunt you down! Enjoy! ^^
New cats. New clans. A new beginning. A lot of things have changed over 100 years. Now you will hear the story from the eyes of the cats that witnessed it all.
This is a book that i am making. it has all the original characters. I will add a chapter everytime i add to the book. Well hope everyone likes it.
A new version of the famed and loved
Warriors' and 'Warriors-The new Prophecy' by Erin Hunter. Please enjoy!
It's been 46 years since the clans left the forest. Over time, the four clans split up and went there own ways. Now,LightClan, descendants of WindClan, live in the mountains, where they have lived alone for about 11 years.Follow MaplePaw's story, as she m
Braveheart's story
My story about Warriors! It's about 15 years since Firestar died, and now, kittypets are planning on taking over the forest! What is a sweet, quiet, gentle shecat that is destined to save the forest to do? No, I haven't read the New Prophecy yet, so